Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Name of the Game

I forgot to set out the strict rules I'm going to adhere to for the next 365 days.  Here's the plan.
  1. List every single beauty product I own, whether they're sample size or full size.

  2. Do my best to either finish the products and toss them (recycling the container when possible) or get rid of them if I absolutely can't finish them for some reason (my skin reacts badly, it makes me physically ill, it makes me look like a clown, they're expired, etc.)

  3. The next one here is crucial.  I am not allowed to buy new products until I have finished the entirety of that category.  For example, no new foundation until I finish/get rid of every single one I already have in my possession!  (Ack, what am I doing to myself???)  [Exemptions: blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lippies and nail polish.]

  4. The only way I can get new products are under these strict conditions:
    (a)  if I run out of an entire category (I'll have a new post dedicated to each category);
    (b)  if they are given to me as gifts;
    (c)  I need it in order to accomplish something extremely important (I can't imagine what at the moment but life has a way of throwing curves at you the second you make vows)
This all sounds awfully difficult, so here's the reward portion of the program.  Once I do get rid of an entire category of products, I am allowed to splurge on one replacement item of any price range.  Because if I am sticking to only one product per category after all this trouble, it had better be good.


  1. Amazing goals. I wish I had the courage! :D

  2. I've just finished reading ALL your posts. What a great idea! I look forward to reading about your journey!


  3. Wow, thanks, Michelle! I appreciate the support. :)


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