Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cleaning House via MAC's Recycling Program

So I was cleaning out a dusty corner of my room when I found an old Lancome bonus cosmetics bag and realized there were things in there that had been forgotten for years.  How long ago was it when a MAC lipstick came in a silver tube?  I have no clue!

There were two old MAC lipsticks in there that were long past their lifespan and it brings my empty MAC packages to a total of 10.  In the U.S. I think you only need to take back 6 to redeem it for a free lipstick or single eyeshadow, but here in Canada, we have to return 10.  There was a rumour some years ago that it had been upped to 12 but it is indeed 10 still.

[MAJOR EDIT!  I was wrong and it's 6 in Canada as well.  Doh!]

This is kind of funny because I'm doing a reverse of what other beauty bloggers are doing.  I'm essentially showing you my garbage after I am done with the cosmetics while others are showing off their new goods.  But here's proof of me getting rid of things like I promised!

The inventory:
  • two Blot Powders, both in Medium (I guess I was a fan at some point but I don't even remember when); 
  • one Select Sheer Powder in NC25 (I get matched as NC25 quite often but recently I was swatched as C3); 
  • one shadow in Greystone (my sister's contribution); 
  • one Tinted Lip Conditioner in Plum Perfect (most of it unused but past the expiry date which you can tell by the old packaging); 
  • three lipsticks in Luxe, Lucid and Retro (dull shades which I would never pick now!); 
  • a limited edition Lip Glass called Soft & Slow (I soooo wish it was permanent); and 
  • one Pro Longwear Lipcolour in For Keeps (barely used it but don't like it and now it's old).
So excited to be able to get rid of things and redeem it for a free product!  Any suggestions on what I should get?  [I ended up with a matte shadow called "Wedge" which is a very soft, pale brown.]


  1. Whoa! So you can take back stuff that isn't even finished yet and use it as a 'Back to MAC' empty!?!?! I have like, four lip products that I'm totally not into that I could totally scrap. Sweet! That just made my day :)

  2. Oh, totally. The point isn't that they want to you to use up all their products. They just want the containers back for recycling purposes. It's also a huge incentive to stay loyal to MAC. Other cosmetics companies should follow suit and do the same. And you can take back absolutely any empty MAC containers, including their wet wipes and brush cleansers.

  3. You can return for an eyeshadow or lippie?? I had no idea...I only have 3 items ready to go back but soon enough:)

  4. Yes but it has to be at a MAC store. MAC within The Bay will reimburse for a lipstick only!


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