Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inventory #6: Blushers

Blushes or blushers?  I think it was originally called blushers and when pluralizing, blushers sounds right.  In any case, let's take a look at my collection.

None of these products are anywhere near the finishing point.  It's sad that I've accrued 13 full size which will have to be tossed out almost fully intact more for being old than for being used.  But still... they're so pretty!  It's dull to just have one.  Not that I'm so adventurous in my colour range, but sometimes I feel more peachy one day and more pink another day.  Here's the list of the stash:

Bare Escentials bareMinerals Blush in "Amused":  I don't have anything else quite like it.  It's a rose wine, which sounds really dark, but since it's a very fine mineral powder, you can apply it very lightly to mimic the perfect wind-blown flush.  I really loved it but got tired of the messiness of loose powder.  Verdict:  Keeping.

Benefit "Dallas":  I'm addicted to Benefit and their cute little boxes.  Dallas is an enticing mix of bronzer and blush, resulting in that dusky colour to which I'm so prone.  It can look dirty when over-applied, but with a light touch it's quite natural and adds an interesting dimension to the face if not quite the wind-blown flush of a regular blush.  Verdict:  Keeping it.

Benefit "Benetint" (sample size):  I had the original full bottle but it gets kind of gross after a while cuz you'll notice dry flakes and things floating in the bottle and seeing visually how makeup can get unsanitary really takes the fun out of using it.  This sample size is perfect because I don't like dealing with liquid makeup unless it's foundation.  Verdict:  Might give it away; it's still sealed in plastic.

Cargo SuedeBlush in "Montebello":  It's a really pretty mix of about 3 or 4 different shades of pink, with just a hint of shimmer to make things interesting.  The darker pink can create the contour and flush while the pale pink can work as a highlight to catch the lights at the top of the cheekbone.  Verdict:  In love with it and keeping it.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in "Wild Bouquet":  This is a neutral brown rose that the LM counter girl told me looked really close to my natural flush.  I agree and have used it with much enjoyment almost exclusively for an entire year.  Then I had to go and cheat on it with Benefit and a slew of other things.  I should put it back into the rotation.  Verdict:  Keeping it.

L'Oreal True Match Blush in "Barely Blushing" (W3-4) and "Apricot Kiss" (N5-6):  I love L'Oreal and their True Match line, so it's actually a surprise that I don't have more than just two.  I have sort of forgotten them recently due to the new exciting NARS arrival.  They're kind of getting up there in age, though.  Verdict:  Give away or throw away.

MAC Powder Blush in "Blushbaby":  I got this one while acting as bridesmaid one summer.  It's a pretty and natural pink and I got some good use out of it.  Maybe it's time to retire it to the MAC recyclables stash.  Verdict:  Recycling!

MAC Paint Pot in "Coral Crepe":  This is from their Pret-a-Papier collection, which I was in love with.  Instead of going crazy, I try to limit myself to one product per limited collection.  I was looking for a coral blush at the time (summer) and thought this would do nicely.  Due to the texture, I find it difficult to blend as a blush.  Later on I found reviews showing how to wear this on the eyelid.  I can't imagine regular people walking around with coral lids.  I think I'll keep working on perfecting the technique.  Verdict:  Keeping.

NARS Blush in "Luster":  It's my second latest acquisition and I don't know why it took me so long to give in to the lure of a NARS blush.  I know "Orgasm" is the universal fave, but it just leaves shimmer without any of the colour on my face, so I picked "Luster" instead, which is a kind of golden peach.  I think it would have looked really good in the summer with a tan, so can't wait to try that next summer.  Verdict:  Keeping.

NARS The Multiple in "Maui":  The point of a multiple stick is to be able to use it anywhere on the face: cheeks, lips, even eyelid.  I use "Maui" exclusively on the cheeks because it mimics the natural flush of my cheeks more than any other product I've ever come across.  But when I put it on my lips, it makes my lips look dead and dull.  And being pink, it doesn't really belong on the eyes or anywhere else on my face.  There's a sizeable amount of product in there and I don't know that I'll ever finish using it.  Maybe I'll slice it off and distribute it to various people in need of a cream blush.  Verdict:  Keeping and/or sharing.

Sephora Collection Blush Me! Trio in "Brun 12":  It looks quite dark and if not careful can apply dark as well.  But I got this in anticipation of a cool autumn look with porcelain skin and burnished cheeks.  Well, I don't have porcelain skin, though I can turn quite pale by February.  But I still really like the blush very much.  Verdict:  Keeping.

Stila Convertible Color in "Peony":  I remember when this was a must-have in all the makeup lovers' bags.  Its luster has worn off a bit since.  But it's a great product for those who love cream blush.  I want to like the shade Peony more than I actually do, as it's not as high impact nor pretty as the packaging fooled me into believing.  I remember that the colour I really wanted was Poppy but I chickened out and got Peony instead.  Verdict:  Give away.

TheBalm "Hot Mama":  This is as close to NARS "Orgasm" as a blush can get.  It's kind of a peachy pink with golden shimmer.  But the colour shows up much better on my face than "Orgasm" does.  I got this for free for getting TheBalm's Time Balm Foundation.  It was too good to pass up.  If you're in Canada, check out your nearest Pharma Plus to see if they've stocked up and are still offering this promotion!  Verdict:  Keeping.

So far I'm finding these posts very helpful.  I'm not getting rid of too much but at least I'm forced to consider giving up at least 2-3 of the old stuff I'm stubbornly hanging on to.

Next post:  Progress Check and Proof of Disposal


  1. I recently swapped for Cargo Tonga and I love it. It's my first full-sized blush. Glad to read that you're loving your Cargo powder blush too :)

  2. Oh man... I have SO MANY MORE BLUSH now than when I first wrote up this post. And it's been less than a year. Eeep! Yes, still love Cargo but I think I love everything else out there as well, lol!


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