Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inventory #11: Luminizers, Bronzers, Highlighters, Misc. Makeup

I think that this is the last of my makeup inventory.  I'm eager to move on to skincare, because that's where my focus has been lately.  Let's do this!


From left to right to bottom:

And I didn't mean to give this one individual attention but forgot to include it in the group pic.  It's Fusion Beauty's GlowFusion™ Micro-Tech™ Intuitive Active Bronzer in Golden.

Okay, so I don't know why I have five bronzers when I don't even use them all that often, and when I do, it's a very light touch and I'll probably never finish one in my lifetime.  I think the order was this: I loved the Sephora Bronzer but felt like it was too frosty and obvious at times, and I wanted something more subtle.  So I bought Cargo's Big Bronzer, which I used more than any of the others.  But after a while, I talked myself into thinking that it looked a little orange on my skin (it does if I overapply).  Then being on a budget, I got the Physician's Formula one at the drugstore because it was subtle and matte looking, which it is, and works perfectly well.  Then I was at Winners (Canadian version of Filene's Basement type place) and saw the Fusion Beauty bronzer for only $10!  Hello, it's USD$39 at Sephora and over CDN$40.  Can't resist a bargain, so now that's here.  As for the Cover FX powder, it's not a bronzer but I included it with this group... because I hadn't had my morning coffee/tea yet.  I bought it during my more frivolous days just because it's pretty.  I barely use it.

I'm leaning towards keeping all of them for now, because I don't have a big issue with any of them, though I had various reasons purchasing each in succession.  In this case, I think it's nice to have variety.  I may not use it much but it's the final touch on your makeup routine that can really make a very subtle yet big difference.  Bronzer can be a tricky thing, y'all.

Luminizers, Highlighters, Anti-Shine/Pore Minimizers:

From left to right:


And I forgot to include Benefit's Powderflage in the group above.  It's supposed to illuminate the undereye and subtly deflect light away from the dark shadows.  It's mystifying how it works.  It doesn't cover the circles but the circles seem less visible.  Some complain that it does nothing for them but I really like this product.

Re: the group in general.  This is the group of products that I use the least.  For one, I have oily skin and I don't need an extra luminizing glow on my face.  Two, it's an additional step in the routine that I just don't have the time for on most days.  However, I'm feeling dullness and dryness in my skin lately and think that a dab of something now and then won't hurt.  Eventually I will have to toss out the discontinued stuff as they are clearly the oldest of the bunch, but since the Smashbox and NARS luminizers are sample size, I don't need to worry about them too much.  They're the perfect size for me to test it out now and then without being concerned with waste.  As for the Clinique Pore Perfector, I like using it on my T-zone where I'm the oiliest, in lieu of a regular primer, and it's working out just fine.  As for the Benefit pencils, I like High Brow but don't like Eye Bright very much.  It's very pink on my neutral/yellow skin tone and probably works much better on fair skin.  I received it as a gift in a package set and am not responsible for it being in my collection!  I'll give it away at some point in the near future.

[I forgot to include my eyebrow pencil which is Makeup Forever, Dark Taupe 4.  A tinge too dark, perhaps.  I might get rid of it and just use brown eyeshadow with an angled brush.]

Eyeshadow Primers:

From left to right to bottom:
Okay, shadow primers are pretty much a must.  The Urban Decay primer is definitely worth all the hype, but I wish they would just repackage it already and get rid of the inconvenient shape of the wand.  I've been testing the Benefit one lately and it's actually just as good as Urban Decay.  Haven't touched the Smashbox one yet but it's next as soon as I'm done with Benefit.  I want to like the Clinique one because it's so pretty but it's too light for my skin unless I'm going for the pale shimmery look.  I've become a devotee of the MAC Paint Pot recently, as it's easier to dig into than the Urban Decay Potion and there's a lot more product in the pot so you really get your money's worth.  And then, even though things were perfectly fine, I got all tempted by the Bobbi Brown pot in Shore and it's so tiny in comparison to the MAC pot (and much more expensive) that I'm not going to get another BB pot unless the colour is an amazing complex thing I can't get anywhere else.

False Lashes:

Okay, I don't know why this pic won't flip around to its proper orientation but we have to proceed.  I have another set of lash strips somewhere - it's my Halloween lashes - and I can't find them.  These two pictured above were for my sister's wedding this past summer but we ran out of time and chose to forego the fake lashes.  I really like the effect of the individual lashes but it takes so long to put them on that I've never actually worn them out to an event yet.  I strongly recommend saving money in the false lash department by scouring the drugstores and internet - mine are Quo, sold at Shoppers Drug Mart.  But the little tiny glue that comes with most lashes are completely worthless.  DUO Eyelash Adhesive, sold at Sephora, is quite amazing and comes in either clear or black so that it blends perfectly with your real and fake lashes.

Well, there we have it.  If you click on the inventory tag below, you'll see the entire inventory of my makeup collection.  I might have left out a product here and there, but I've painstakingly gone through almost every single one of my makeup and purged the worthless and the unwanted.  As always, the mission is to not just reduce for the sake of reducing, but to find the best possible product for the best possible price.  It's not possible without a fair amount of testing, but I've grown tired of wandering from one expensive product to another and spending enormous amount of money on cosmetics which expire too quickly for me to keep up with.

Inventory posts are always lengthy, but if you've stuck around until this point, thank you for reading!  The next round of inventories will feature facial cleansers, toners, day moisturizers, serums, night creams, and eye creams.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I have to get clinique's pore perfector! Can't wait to see your skincare inventory! :)


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