Thursday, December 23, 2010

Q&A re: Nails

This is a quick post on how I do my nails.  It's probably the one area in which I am already minimal.  I've received these questions in the past.

Q:  Do you use a base coat or a top coat?

A:  Yes, I use both.  I usually apply a layer of base coat before the nail polish and a layer of top coat afterwards.  Currently using China Glaze for both.

While I feel lukewarm about the China Glaze top coat (it isn't as glossy as OPI and smells foul), I didn't have a problem with the base coat until I started applying all the red nail polish, which left horrible stains behind that the base coat did not prevent.  But I've been reading nail polish blogs and this seems to be a universal problem with a solution that is yet to be found.  Anyhoo, I don't feel the need to stock up on multiple base coats or top coats, so I'll just use these up and try something new when the time comes.

Q:  Which nail polish remover do you use?

A:  The cheapest I can find!  Previously the "Life Brand" from Shoppers Drug Mart (which is a no name brand sold by the major drug store chain in Canada).  Then I ran into problems with glitter and someone told me Sally Hansen was better.  So I picked up the "Salon Strength" version which cost $1 more than the others but doesn't seem to me to be any different than the Life Brand.  I'm still tempted to try the Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper.

But remember that to remove glitter, this trick is the best proven method so far.

And next is not a question but something I recently discovered.  What do I use to remove the nail polish with?  Up until recently, I've bee using precious cotton rounds when cotton balls soak up much more of the remover and just seems to move easier over the nails.

What's the diff you ask?  Mostly the price.

Cotton rounds from Shoppers Drug Mart?  About $2-5 depending on the kind you get.  I don't know what's going on with them but drug store prices have become completely inflated.

The cotton balls are from Pharma Plus and are only $1.  Guess which one wins?

Q:  Do I push back cuticles and all that jazz?

A:  Nope.  I'm a lazy gal with fairly healthy cuticles that are mostly straight and not ragged.  I feel like once I start messing with them, they will become dry and ragged as a consequence and will require continual maintenance.  I have the instruments and cuticle oils but I never use them.  But I do like them pushed back when I get manicures done elsewhere.

And that concludes our nail Q&A for today.  How about you?  What's your nail care routine?


  1. Great post! I always am curious to know what other people use for base coat and top coat :) I've never tried the China Glaze one, but it looks pretty good :)

  2. I think they're adequate but I'll bet there are better top coats and base coats out there. But I can't complain as I picked them up for about $3 each and I don't need any fancy shmancy base/top coats. Not yet, anyway. ;)

  3. Thanks for answering ;) Have you tried matte top coat?

  4. You're welcome! ;D

    I actually hate the matte look! When it comes to nail polish, the glossier the better for me. Matte polish also chips quickly and I'm too lazy to do my nails more than I already do.


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