Friday, January 21, 2011

What's in my makeup bag?

I try to be low maintenance (mostly out of laziness and for ease of travel) but there are days when I can't help but stuff my makeup bag with tons of "just in case" items.  There was the possibility of drinks at a trendy lounge after dinner plans tonight, so I lugged a heavier than usual bag to work.  This is what's inside:

It's respectable, right?  Not too much but not too little.  Gum, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss.  Blotting sheets and powder foundation.  Cream blush.  Tide-to-go.  Concealer, face cream, lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, eyeliner.  Glossing spray.  Anti-bacterial gel.  Q-tips filled with eye makeup remover (genius product).

I wasn't going to do a post today, but I was unloading my purse for the night and thought heck why not.  I always love seeing what other people tote around and totally peek inside bathroom cabinets.  What do you guys carry around on a regular basis or for a special occasion?


  1. I carry random stuff in my purse, I don't reapply any makeup aside from carrying powder around in case I have to touchup (mac studio fix). I have an assortment of lipbalms.I love hand sanitizer too, have a bunch of those little ones from bath and body works, there is a mint chocolate one with a deer on it from the holiday line, love that one.

  2. I just fell in love with the entire Warm Vanilla Sugar line from Bath & Body, so I had to get the hand sanitizer! And from reading your blog, I know your skin isn't oily, so you're lucky that you don't have to reapply as much!

  3. Do I spy a Stila convertible color? I love that stuff!

  4. Yup, it's Stila Convertible in Peony. Love it on my cheeks but too drying and pale for my lips.

  5. "Just in case" sounds familiar! I carry way too much stuff and I wonder why is my bag always so heavy! I promise to downsize! ;)

  6. But the second you do downsize, you'll be reaching in the bag for the very thing you've taken out! Don't do it! ;)


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