Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inventory #18: Hand Lotions

Hand lotions and lip balms: you will never find me without either of them, no matter where in the world I am.  I'm not very particular about what goes on my hands so long as there is something.  As soon as my hand touches water, I'm rummaging in my bag for a moisturizer. 

Before I rounded up my stash, I was sure I had more than six hand lotions.  In reality, I just dig into my tubs of body butters or whatever is most conveniently placed.  So it feels like I have hand lotions everywhere when I really don't.  Someone asked me the other day how I keep my hands soft in the winter and my answer is to just keep moisturizing.  Carry a travel size lotion with you and pull it out as often as needed.

I prefer my hand lotions unscented, believe it or not.  I ended up with the perfumed lotions (SJP's Covet and Nanette Lepore's Shanghai Butterfly) because of the boxed sets they came in, not because I really wanted them.  Once I spray the perfume, I don't feel the need to add more scent by using the hand lotions.  I've had these two stashed away somewhere and forgot about them until today.  The Nanette Lepore is almost finished, so I'll be looking forward to getting rid of that.  I don't like perfumed lotions because the scent tends to be overwhelming while the quality of the product always lean towards being watery and inadequate.

(I just tried Covet and realized it's a body lotion, not a hand lotion.  Bah, whatever.)

This Yves Rocher hand cream is a gift I received for participating in a high heels sprint in September (I didn't win, and all the participants got a gift bag).  I put this recently in the bathroom next to the soap so that I don't forget to apply it.  It has no scent and is a decent hand cream.  Not bad but nothing to rave about.  Yves Rocher is the one store I never feel compelled to walk into, for some reason.  There are a lot of locations (though they seem to be reduced lately) and there is one right by my house.  Maybe because the store is always mostly empty and I fear that the saleswomen will jump all over me.  Maybe I'll brave it the next time.

And what collection isn't complete without some Bath & Body Works?  I picked up these three from the post-holidays clearance sale.  It was something ludicrously cheap and I didn't have a portable hand lotion on me that day and felt lost.  My fave is the Warm Vanilla Sugar, which I just love especially in the winter.  In fact, I love it so much that I have the entire line of it in shower gel, body cream, shampoo, etc.  You'll see later in the future inventories.  I was going to just get all three in the Warm Vanilla Sugar but decided variety was nice.  Except I'm not sure if I like Coconut Verbena all that much right now, but perhaps I'll learn to love it in the summer.  And Lemon is always a nice pick-me-up at moments when you don't feel very energetic.

Now, these are anti-bacterial hand lotions, which I find aren't very moisturizing.  But they're nice when you're on the go and don't feel like doing the two-step: slapping on Purell and then moisturizing.  I like pulling it out while I'm on the subway, after I've touched a lot of poles, door handles, rails, etc. 

Oops, almost forgot.  I keep this giant Herbacin Hand & Nail Balm on my desk at the office.  I've tried all the different Herbacin hand care stuff and really like the brand.  They're unscented, have just the right amount of lubrication and absorption, and is affordable.  To me, Herbacin is much better than Neutrogena and Vaseline handcare products.  I was going to include Aveeno in that list but it's been a while since I've used an Aveeno hand cream, so I'm not sure right now.

Well, that was brief, but as I said earlier, I just use any old body cream on my hands and especially like using body butters instead of a "hand lotion."  What do you use on your hands?  Are you diligent about keeping your hands soft and smooth?  Do you splurge on handcare products or skimp like me?


  1. I think I have one hand lotion, otherwise I opt for those small body lotion thingies to get my by. In my purse I keep Nivea Hand cream, it's supposed to have some anti-aging spot reduction stuff in it and it's in a purple bottle. What I like about it is the light texture.

    My hands have been crazy dry this winter, and more than that, cuticles, I use cuticle stuff on my hands cause they get really bad, I don't even want to paint them sometimes, cause it looks like I have old lady shriveled up hands. ;)

  2. I'm always moisturizing my hands too, and they are sooo soft (=

  3. @Justine - You're lucky, you're only addicted to makeup! ;) I'll check out the Nivea hand cream. I just rub the lotion/cream into the cuticles too and never really have issues.

    @Gaby - Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Oh you're so not the only one hahaha :) I also have a lotion in every purse and almost in every room. I moisturize so much that my elbows are super soft too (rub hands, then rub excess over elbows). I only wish that moisturizing feet was as convenient lol.

  5. Ooh, that's a good idea! I do take it up to the wrists if I squeeze out too much product, but it's winter and I usually wear thick layers that make it hard to pull up the sleeves. I'll have to remember the elbow thing when it gets warmer. :) Lol @ the feet!

  6. Ah, I love all my lotions to be scented, but I'm never a fan of the ones that go with a perfume line. They always seem too liquidy to me as well, and the scent is usually just too strong.
    For the past few months I've been really loving the Mineral Hand Cream from AHAVA. It's a bit pricey compared to others, but it's one of the best I've ever used. It has a very light, fresh scent and soaks in really quickly (a must!).
    And I love the coconut lime verbena scent! Though I don't get it in the lotions. I like the body spray in it, and I spray it on my pillow when I want a fresher scent to fall sleep to.

  7. I loved AHAVA! My mom had a few and I stole one from her and thought it was great. I love a good hand cream, but it's weird, lately I just can't make myself spend the money for it even though I'll spend it on other things I deem less essential.


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