Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inventory #21: Body Moisturizers

Without further ado, my somewhat modest stash:

Four lotions (one of which is now gone), three body butters, one tinted lotion and one body oil.  Not very fancy. I guess I'm MUCH more low maintenance when it comes to body vs face.

Fave scented lotions: Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream and Philosophy Pure Grace Body Lotion. In terms of moisturizing power, they're both average. Not super great but not bad either. I like to match my scents and use the same scented shower gel, so I'm into the Warm Vanilla Sugar one lately. I ran out of the Pure Grace shower gel but haven't had the heart to spend so much on it again just to smell like it in the shower when I can spray the perfume on afterwards. Therefore, Pure Grace lotion has been neglected in the past few months. I should rotate it back in.

Fave Cheap Buys: Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion and Johnson's Baby Lotion.  I like these better in the summer when my skin isn't as dry. But I really like the unscented Vaseline for days when I don't want to smell like anything. I gave away this particular Johnson's Vanilla Oatmeal Body Lotion to my married sister because I didn't like the smell (it was sealed in the drugstore, as all baby products should be). She said she loved it so it all works out! One less product for me, yay!

Preferred Winter Moisturizers: Body Butters: Sephora Brand Vanilla Cupcake, Sephora Brand Coconut Cream and Fruits & Passion Manoi Nourishing Butter. I loooooooove body butters. The bigger the tub, the better. It's all I can do to stop myself from stocking up on every single type of body butter I come across. My fave of the three is the one from Fruits & Passion. The creamy texture is divine and the smell of the Monoi butter isn't overpowering like the ones from Sephora. It has a permanent place on my vanity and I use it as a hand cream also.

Specials: Body Oil and Tinted Body Moisturizer: Neutrogena Sesame Formula Body Oil and Sephora Brand Beach Glow Melted Body Butter. I like the idea of body oil but not sure that I actually like it for real. In the winter, you can start with a body oil and then add a layer of lotion or cream on top if you suffer from extra dryness. In the summer, the oil gives a nice glow and sheen even without the use of tinted creams. Maybe my lukewarm feeling towards the oil has to do with the smell instead, because this sesame formula is just kind of meh. Nothing exciting. As for the Beach Glow thing here, I haven't really had a chance to try it since I got it at the end of last summer and it's been a long dreary winter.

Another inventory down and just a few more to go! After the inventories, I'll go back to the same categories and give you an update on how I'm doing, what has been discarded or added to the stash. In the meantime, stay moisturized for the last leg of this dreadful cold season! It's almost over!!


  1. I've always wanted to try the Sephora body butters but never did. I'm tempted now.

  2. I wish I had a Body Shop body butter to compare. I find the Sephora ones slightly on the thick side, which is why I prefer the Fruits & Passion one. I believe the Sephora butters are marked down as they seem to be on their way out, so you might want to hurry. :)

  3. I am enjoying your lovely blog, following you now with GFC, facebook and Pinterest.:)


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