Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inventory #22: Body Treatments (and Misc.)

I thought I would have to showcase only one body scrub, but upon rummaging, of course I discovered a few other things that I had forgotten about. Come on out, guys! [/Jeff Probst voice]  (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Survivor lately.)

Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Hot Salt, Tub and Shower Scrub - I think they can do better with the name. How about just Hot Salt Scrub? These salt granules are fairly coarse but melt down as you scrub and mix with water. The entire line of the Pure Grace products all smell exactly the same, and you definitely get that pampered feeling even as you strenuously work to slough off dead skin.

Soft Soap Body Butter Coconut Scrub Body Buff Wash - Speaking of names, this one is all sorts of messed up.  I don't think there are enough beads in this thing to qualify it as a scrub, so it's like an exfoliating body wash, maybe?  I just picked it up because it was on sale and haven't used it yet.  Thought it'd come in handy on those weeks when I can't do a proper scrub. [Edited to add: Definitely not a scrub! Moving it to the body cleanser category.]

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray and Reviving Leg Gel - Everyone has one of these in their stash, right?  Something like this always ends up in a gift basket that you receive from some place or another.  I received this duo after sandal season was already over and haven't had a chance to try them yet.  I was using a different foot spray last year that deodorized and refreshed but with a kind of strange smell, so I'm looking forward to the familiar and pleasing scent of peppermint this summer.

Sephora Brand Shimmer Oil Spray
- This goes with the shimmer body cream from the last inventory.  Something else to look forward to for the summer.  I'm not really into turning my body into a shimmery oil slick, but who knows what I'll get into this year, having delved into the world of sparkly and crackly nail polishes already.

However I'm slightly wary of the separation in the bottle.  Even after some vigorous shaking, the bed of shimmer at the bottom refuses to merge with the liquid.

Has anyone used this and have any advice pour moi?


  1. How's the coconut smell on the SoftSoap one? Is it a nice coconut? You know how I love coconut! :)

  2. My recent discovery in body treatments has been Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub. It's lovely, it has granules of sugar that melt with the creamy soap and oils and does an amazing job of softening skin. Plus, it comes in lots of fragrances (or unscented) and is only about $9 for a good-sized jar. Love it. Oh, and I love Jeff Probst, too. I was very sad when Russell got the boot. :(

  3. The only one of these I've tried is the Soft Soap one - definitely not enough to be a scrub. I don't even remember it being very exfoliating. The beads are just there for show. :P

  4. @Tracy - I do know, and I'm sorry to tell you that it's only so-so. Not bad for a $2.99 body wash but nothing to rave about.

    @Carrie - I love your descriptions and what you said makes me want to go out and buy one immediately. I'm a little scared to read your blog sometimes. lol I cheered when Russell cried. >:D

    @Caitlin - I tried it today and you're absolutely right. The beads don't even show as you wash! Moving it to the body wash category. :(


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