Monday, March 28, 2011

Nail Polish for Spring Season

I don't normally do pastels, but cabin fever is at all-time high. The sun is teasingly bright though the temperature remains below minus. I need an extra boost of pretty to get through the final stretch of winter.

Despite the possible clash with my yellowish skin tone, pastels are very tempting at this time of the year. I try not to get swept up in the lavender and blue shadow craze that storms the makeup counters, as I will certainly and inevitably regret those purchases when I look into the mirror and behold a ghastly sight. Nail polish is much safer, so I ended up with a few lighter shades over the years despite my love/hate relationship with pastels.

Clockwise from left:
Revlon Minted, Revlon Sheer Cotton, SpaRitual Quiet Storm,
Bourjois Rose Lounge, Chanel Riva, Essie Pinkadelic.

My personal picks for this week are ck Calvin Klein in Barefoot, Chanel Riva and Revlon Minted.

Barefoot is a perfect shimmery nude. I wish I had a backup of it. Calvin Klein Cosmetics is since discontinued, which is a shame, because I thought they had some cute stuff. Barefoot may be one of my all-time fave products, even.

Riva, of course, was all over the blogosphere for months, and there are tons of better pics and swatches here, here, and here. I didn't even take it out of the box to try it until this week, because the uplifting shade seemed so out of place in the dead of winter. I was content to wallow in the land of murky dead hands for a while. Unfortunately, the negative reviews I read of Riva hold true. It's extremely streaky, requires 4 coats for opacity, and the shimmer advertised and discernable in the bottle is hardly visible on the nail.

I got Minted a few months ago, along with Sheer Cotton which I gave a negative review. Minted applies better than Sheer Cotton but it's still quite watery in texture and a little streaky in application. I'd say three thin coats will do the job. I'm not sure if I really like the colour as there's something rather teenager-like about it. Maybe it's just my discomfort with pastelly shades?

Here's a quick swatch of all three on my nails. Forgive me the messy job and dry cuticles. I just applied it quickly to be able to show you what they look like.

Riva, Minted, Barefoot

I don't know if it's that I need to get more comfortable with these colours or if they just don't suit me. I love Barefoot but I could have lived without having known/acquired Minted or Riva. You know that OPI Black Shatter thing that I posted about here? After three days, I was sick of it and sold it after seeing that many people were on the hunt for it. Better that a perfectly good product end up with someone who can enjoy it more than I can. I might do that with Riva, too, but I'm still feeling conflicted.

What do you do when you're unsure about an almost new product? What are your top picks for the spring season? Are you into pastels and soft colours?


  1. I have Revlon Minted and loooove it!

  2. The OPI new pirates collection is going to have a lot of great pastel light colours like this, can't wait for it. :)

  3. @Gaby - Great!

    @Justine - There's only that one seafoam shade that catches my eye but that's about it. Hopefully. Sometimes I change my mind when I see it for real.

  4. I like them in theory and looks, but they are such a chore to work with. Most of the pastels I have need at least 3 coats and take FOREVER to dry. I mean, who has time to wait that long? Not me.
    I just got a couple of new ones from Revlon and they aren't any different.
    I'm hoping that the new OPI Spring ones are better.

  5. It is pretty frustrating, which is why they only come up seasonally for me! Revlon has been pretty disapointing to me. I much prefer OPI.

  6. In general I'm not too into pastels. If I'm going out of my murky comfort zone, I'm more prone to reach for a bright than a pastel. I'm all for trying new things though! To do it though, I'd probably look for the cheapest way possible - no Chanel pastels for me :P But I do have to say I like the look of Riva in the bottle! I'll be keeping my eyes out for an inexpensive alternative.

  7. I probably won't do a bright until it feels a little more summery. And you're right, Riva is so pretty in the bottle. It's awfully expensive just to stare at, though!

  8. Nice shades! I have a tough time being super comfortable with the pastels too. I just go for it because I like the cute shades and so what if it's not really flattering on my skin tone? haha!

  9. Hey, Bex! Yes, I need to adopt the "so what?" ideology more often!


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