Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Back in January I solved my foundation dilemma by mixing Cargo Lightweight with L'Oreal True Match. Since then I have noticed that the formula needed adjusting because it was still too dark and I kept getting pastier with the lack of sun during the last stretch of winter. But with the weather warming up, it's probably a good idea to "lighten up" on the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

I am nearly finished with my trusty Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer but cannot use it anymore due to the warm weather. My oily skin finds it too heavy during this time of the year and I've been using the remainder of my Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief Lotion lately. So I turn into a faux-chemist again and decided to add the Cetaphil to my custom-mixed foundation.

The bottle of foundation is only half-full (looks full because I shook up the mixture) and I added about a dozen pumps of the moisturizer into the foundation. At that point it's still more foundation than a tinted moisturizer, which is good for me because I need the coverage, but it did lighten the foundation colour so that I could use it again. I'm thinking of adding more lotion to the foundation to make it a truer tinted moisturizer, hoping to get away with using that minus an actual moisturizer on hot and humid mornings.

Personally I really like Cetaphil and L'Oreal True Match, and combined, they yield great result. Do you mix your own tinted moisturizer? If so, what is the best combination that you've come up with?


  1. love cetaphil, I haven't ever made my own tinted moisturizer, but, I do sheer out foundations with moisturizer sometimes, so I guess that's the same thing.

  2. You know, I've never done this either. But I do mix my foundations to get a better match, or better coverage.

  3. That's an amazing idea, even though I keep hearing about this I have never tried it, but now that summer is coming, I will have to!

  4. I actually used Cetaphil with a Revlon ColorStay that was a shade too dark for me, but I could never find the exact match (I mixed every time I wanted to wear foundation instead of mixing it into the bottle like you did.) I might have to try again, since the California sun is killing me right now. I think I'll try another moisturizer though because I can't use anything other than Cetaphil. :-)

    1. i use that too!
      it gives such a flawless finish yet it had great coverage!
      Be sure to use a setting powder because my skin felt sticky after applying the tinted moisturizer.

  5. Great idea since Cetaphil is so recommended! I love Laura Mercier's tinted SPF mosturizer. Check it out!


  6. Oooo, great combination lady. I will typically combine my current fave moisturizer with my foundation (Maybelline Dream Mousse or Covergirl Natureluxe) to make a tinted foundation for summer wear. (I always make sure to use a moisturizer with tons of SPF.) I did, though, just buy a great tinted moisturizer from Mark. It's awesome


  7. @Justine - Yup, I'd say that's the same. I like having it in a bottle if I know I have to mix it every morning.

    @Tracy - There's no need to if you don't use TMs or already have a good one!

    @Gaby - I didn't try it until last year and found it surprisingly easy to custom match. Give it a whirl!

    @The Rhapsode - Maybe the Colorstay was just the wrong colour entirely? Some things just don't work out (I'm pretty sure that Armani doesn't have any colour that matches my skin.)

    @Ava - I also love Laura Mercier TMs but it's hard to justify buying a new one when I have so many resources at my fingertips. :)

    @Christina - Great reminder re: sunscreen! Maybe I should use a sunscreen instead of more lotion, hmmm.

  8. I mixed my Aveeno moisturizer with some Mary Kay foundation that someone gave me that was too dark for me. It turned out as the perfect tinted moisturizer and I'm glad because I couldn't really find what I was looking for in stores.

  9. @Tiarra - Yup, sometimes that's the only way! Glad it worked out for you. :)

  10. Wow, this is a great idea. I had never though of doing this. Thank you, lady! :-)



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