Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nail Polish: Dior Rock Coat (and Underground and Blue Label)

The Dior Rock Coat. A nice alternative for those who love the dark, the smokey and the murky. Also a more elegant alternative for those who abhor the shatter top coat. I enjoyed my shatter polish for three days, then promptly sold it on Craigslist, knowing that I was never going to put it on again. I loved watching the shatter happen but it's really not my style. I won't be participating in the new shatter shades that are starting to hit the shelves. (Frankly, the red one just looks like bloody cracks to me and not at all attractive.)


I do crazy things when I'm stressed. I had written three tests and four essays in two weeks. I still have one more exam to go before the semester finally ends. My brain is nearly broken. I had been planning to look out for Dior Rock but I hadn't planned on getting the other limited edition shades that come along with it. I ended up with Underground and Blue Label as well, and if Nirvana had been at the counter I stopped at, I would have scooped that up as well.


Now sigh with me. Aren't they gorgeous?

According to the Dior website, this is what the Rock Coat is and does:

Rock Coat, the ultimate smoky top coat

Rock Coat adds depth to the Diorvernis shades with a smoky veil of lacquer for a seductive rock effect.

The key: when used as a classic top coat, its semi-transparent black formula, coats the varnish with a veil of smoky lacquer extending wear and increasing shine.

The nail varnish takes on a rock look, becoming sensual and enigmatic.

- Apply one coat over dry nail varnish
- For best results, use Rock Coat with darker shades

I didn't take the advice and used it over a bright shade. I still had Chanel Pulsion on, and I hadn't looked up the Rock Coat instructions. Frankly I still don't know why it's best over darker shades, but here's how it turned out with Pulsion.

Chanel Pulsion over the biography of Romantic poet L.E.L.

I tried to be methodical and took pains to record how the Rock Coat affects the nail polish with one, two, and three coats.

One coat over index, two coats over middle, three coats over ring finger.

You can see that one coat ends in a rather streaky finish. I wonder if that's why Dior advises us to apply it over darker colours? Frankly even two (thin) coats ended up streaky, which is why I applied the third. The consistency is rather watery/milky, not as thick and syrupy as a regular top coat. I love the concept of the Rock Coat but am not sure if I'm loving it in execution. As the three-coated nail dried down to something resembling Essie Wicked, I realized that I have a ton of dark smokey shades that don't really require the addition of the Rock Coat.

I still need to play around with it a lot more and figure out what the best combinations are, and see if the Rock Coat can transform any duds into scores. But if you already have a collection of beautiful dark colours that you love and don't want to change, I would advise you to save your money and energy by passing on the Dior Rock Coat. If you have a collection of mostly light and bright colours, and don't want to spend a lot of money on dark colours but want to experiment with them temporarily, the Rock Coat is your new best friend. I think that it can be used strategically and creatively. But I'll never be putting this over Chanel Pulsion again, because together they amount to a lot of wasted money. If I wanted this dark, sultry wine colour, I'd have just put on Essie Wicked and saved the extra application time, right?

As for Underground and Blue Label, I am super super stoked. I don't have a creamy navy or a true brown in my collection, and these two give me the same excited feeling and vibe as the Gris Montaigne, which I still so very much love.

Are you interested in the Dior Rock Coat and planning to purchase any of its accompanying varnishes?

(For more swatches, see Fashion Polish's post on her experience with the Rock Coat.)


  1. I think the concept of this is really interesting! I guess you've basically doubled your collection by purchasing the one polish. That's too bad that's it's streaky though. I can't see the streakiness til the second coat in the photo, but I guess it showed up more in person? Still a really interesting idea though.

    And I love the look of Blue Label!!!

  2. It was difficult trying to gauge how much product to leave on the brush, so the streakiness might have been more me than it.

    To think that I was going to give up buying nail polish - ha!

  3. Neat idea, but yeah-maybe not worth the extra work? That Navy one looks beautiful!!! Please show us that one next!!

  4. Yay, we all like Blue Label! Totally makes up for missing out on Bond Street. :D

  5. You know what, I want all of these. I'm not sure if I'd get a lot of use out of the Rock Coat, but I'm so curious about it that I want to play around with it.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Blue Label & I'm so with you on the crackle polish..just not my thing at all.

  7. @Carrie - Hurry to your nearest Dior counter! I grabbed the last Blue Label at the counter I went to and the second last Underground.

    @Tracy D - I have noted your vote for Blue Label and glad you agree re: the crackle!

  8. Huh. This is very interesting! You leave the beauty community for a mere 6 weeks and look at all the cool stuff that crops up! I appreciate that you did a progression of the changes. I don't seem to ever utilize any of the overcoats I have in my arsenal (SH Hidden Treasure, CND Copper Shimmer) so I doubt this would be much different, but the concept is really neat!

  9. Six weeks is a long time to be away! Welcome back! I've missed your posts and input. :)))


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