Monday, May 23, 2011

Deborah Lippmann "Lady Sings the Blues"

It was rainy most of last week and I was feeling a little blue by Friday. The forecast called for more rain during the weekend so I thought it would be a good time to bring out Deborah Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues. It's described on the Lippmann website as "silver sparkled blue (glitter)."

Gorgeous, isn't it? Like magic potion in a clear bottle.


At first application, I was actually a little disappointed. The silver sparkles seemed lost in the sea of navy and the effect seemed rather flat and not as multi-dimensional as I had hoped. However, upon full application -- two medium coats gliding on with ease with Seche Vite top coat -- I found myself smiling as the light caught the silver glitter at unexpected moments and turned my fingertips into jewels. This shade is the perfect recreation of glamorous midnight blue sequin gowns.

The weekend actually turned out to be more sunny than rainy, but the nails worked regardless. Here's a glimpse of one outfit that the nails provided a nice finishing touch to.

Do you pick out your nails, makeup or outfit based on weather and mood? What were your unexpected successes?


  1. OMG SO GORGEOUS!!!! I need this!! It's amazing!
    I love Navy anything-one of my fave colours.
    I love the rain and don't mind it, especially now that I keep my hair wavy.

  2. Gawd, I love the way Lippmann does glitter. There's a salmon pink glitter she makes that I've been meaning to pick up. Last night, I did a manicure with Hit Me With Your Best Shot (one of my faves- it's black shimmer), it's very similar to Essie's Over The Top. So similar that I think I'll just keep buying the Essie because of the price difference. I do love Lippmann's colors, though.

  3. @Tracy - Seriously, this one is a winner. Like Carrie said, no one does glitter better than Lippmann!

    @Carrie - Ooh, I know which one you mean. That one's a beauty, too! For basic colours, I don't mind going with even Rimmel or Sally Hansen. Essie is great and thanks for letting me know about OTT. I've been eyeing HMWYBS and didn't know there was a dupe. :)

  4. I def. rely on the weather and my mood to pick out nail polish/ outfits. This looks like an inspired choice! Love the print on that top/dress! I still need to hop on the Deborah Lippmann train!!!

  5. Amy, the print is from a Forever21 dress! I have to admit your Friday series partly inspired me to post a piece of the fabric. :D

  6. Love the print/dress too!! Really looks great with the polish. Do you think that this is different enough from ATU that *someone* (cough) could justify owning both? I hedged because it looks similar without the aqua sparkle of ATU but I trust your opinion if you feel it's a must-have!

    And yes, I definitely base my clothing/cosmetics according to the weather!!

  7. The swatches of Deborah Lippmann polishes I've seen are so beautiful and have so much depth! Would love to try some out soon :)

  8. @Latoya - Oh, I'd definitely be happy with ATU alone hands down. ATU is on a whole new level by itself! But if you're partial to midnight/navy tones and silver glitter (like I am), then this one's a keeper as well. It's a permanent shade and not very popular for some reason, so there's no rush to get a hold of it. Check it out in person and see if it calls your name. ;)

    @Rebecca - You should! It's a good stop to make after Illamasqua. ;)


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