Friday, May 20, 2011

Where is your secret stash and what's in it?

Most of us beauty junkies probably have a major secondary stash away from home. Perhaps it's in your car, or at the gym, or at your significant other's place, etc. For me, it's at the office. I recently returned to full-time work after a year of re-living the student life, and one of the first things I did upon my return was to restock my beauty drawer. Yes, I have a beauty drawer at work, and it's the biggest drawer in the desk!

Sure, I could have used the cabinets instead, but I didn't want to risk opening it to look for legitimate business items and end up showing my goods to random co-workers. I have no qualms about showing off my stash here, but in the office where people pretend not only that they woke up looking good but were born perfect, I feel the need to keep the beauty stuff on the down-low.

Because I'm still taking summer courses at the university, sometimes I have very long days that stretch from 8am to 10pm. One of the things as I realize as I get older is that comfort becomes more important than ever. I can't stand it now if I don't have my essentials with me at all times, or if I'm wearing the wrong shoes that pinch my feet a little harder than when I was a sprightlier 20-something. Now I just want to feel clean and refreshed before having to sit in uncomfortable wooden chairs for three-hour lectures.

My secret stash at the office is different from my travel stash. Some items remain the same, like the blotting sheets or the dental floss, but the secret stash is a pared down extension of your real stash at home. In fact, you can live off of this secret stash for a good week or so, if you suddenly can't go home or some kind of emergency arises. Let's take a look at what I recently put in my beauty drawer.

Facial wipes - God bless whoever created this. The last thing I want to do is bend over the office washroom sink for 15 minutes. I use two sheets, both sides, to wipe off makeup as thoroughly as possible.

Travel size toothbrush & toothpaste - I'm thinking of replacing these with full sizes and just carry around the travel sizes.

Blotting sheets - They're never far from me. I have one on my desk at home, one in my purse, one at work. Tissue will do in a pinch, but these always make me feel better for some reason.

Lip balm - Just as much of a must as the blotting sheets.

Travel size glossing mist - Sometimes my hair becomes a wreck during the morning commute due to rain, humidity, and general predisposition to craziness.

Travel size facial cleanser - Okay, so I normally don't want to splash my face in the office washroom, but maybe one day I will want to.

Travel size toner - Toner is a must for me. This grapefruit one also feels refreshing and summery.

Travel size oil-free moisturizer - I'm thinking of replacing this with a tinted moisturizer instead, but who am I kidding? I'll probably end up just stashing both.

Sunscreen - I haven't had to use it yet, but I'm looking forward to the days when I can leave the office a little earlier than usual and soak up the sun for an hour or two before heading in to class.

Travel size makeup setting spray - Not sure that I'm going to be using this all that much, but for the days when I actually want to reapply makeup after washing it off, it might be handy.

Mini eye primer - It's just so small and cute. I feel like it belongs here.

Travel size eye makeup remover - It's just handy all around for those days you have a meltdown and you get raccoon eyes by noon.

Cream blush - I took it out from the travel bag and stashed it at the office. I don't like applying makeup on the go, but this is perfect for touching up at the end of the day without having to break out the damn makeup brushes.

Lip gloss - Amazingly, I only have one in the office stash. Mostly because I'm carrying about 6 or 7 around in my purse at all times. I hate that feeling of wanting to put on a specific thing in the morning, only to realize that you've left it at work.

Cream eye shadow palette - Another handy thing to have around when you want to give your eyes a subtle sheen without using brushes and all that jazz.

Deodorant/anti-perspirant - I got this with the hopes that it would work better as an anti-perspirant. Kind of doesn't work, or if it does, it's for half an hour, tops. Still, it's better than nothing. I don't smell but the wetness drives me crazy during the summer.

Foot spray - I figure it's more useful at the office than at home, since you can't exactly hoist yourself up on the sink counter and start bathing your feet at work.

Travel size perfume - I'd probably carry it around rather than to stash it at work. The office instituted a no perfume policy, but the perfume lovers ignore it. I don't see anyone forcing the men to give up their putrid aftershaves, so I'm not sure why this is targeted at the women only.

Makeup remover filled Q-tips - Just handy dandy whenever, wherever.

Concealer - I brought over the one that I don't use very much. It's there when I need it, and it can just sit there and get old just as it would at home when I don't need it.

Dental floss - Another essential right up there with lip balm and blotting sheets.

Hand lotion - Another essential item.

I didn't mention things like Tide-to-Go, hand sanitizers, cotton pads, q-tips, hair clips, bobby pins and tampons, but believe you me, they're all in the stash. I stopped just short of nail polish, only because I almost always have manicured hands and there's no point. (But I did apply nail polish in the office this one time. A co-worker guarded outside the door while I did it, and he was super impressed when I was done in 5 minutes. Normally I don't like doing things like that at work, but it was an emergency. Anyway.)

I have to keep the office stash controlled, because you just never know when you're going to be forced to throw your things into a banker's box and move down the hall or vacate the building. I would not want to be carrying two boxes home on such a day just because one box was full of beauty products.

So tell me: where is your secret/secondary stash and what's in it?


  1. Wow Liz-you are prepared for anything! I like that! :)
    I'm not working right now, but I didn't have a secret stash at work. I just had stuff n my makeup bag in my purse. I never thought to leave stuff there-derp. :)

  2. lol my first reaction is the same as Tracy's - Wow! I also don't have a secret stash beyond what's in my bag. I have the few lip products that I posted on, some dental floss, a solid perfume, hand lotion, and some face powder, but that's all in my purse (maybe that's why it's so heavy...). I guess I'm still one of those sprightly twenty-somethings lacking a solid stash in my life :P

  3. Aw, now I just feel like a crazy person! *waiting for someone crazier to come along*

  4. Unfortunately I work all over the place so I carry my stash in my over sized Mary Poppins style hand bag! Like you I hate finding myself needing to fix my face and not having the kit to do it with. If I even get a permanent desk I'm sure it'll end up looking like a mini version of my dressing table lol x

  5. LOL @ Mary Poppins bag! I do hate lugging things around. I hope you end up with a permanent space soon!

  6. Haha...I don't want you to feel like a crazy person definitely are prepared for everything though! I think it's great. I am just too lazy to have that much stocked, I'd never bother to use it. And, additionally, I get a bit anxious at times when I have a lot of *stuff* so I'm always paring down. But, I do HAVE a stash, a decent one at work (concealer; travel size makeup kit with blush, gloss, eyeshadows; toothbrush & paste; floss; mini mascara; perfume samples; blotting papers; nail file; toner; and hand cream) then a mini one in my purse (lip balm; hand cream; perfume sample; nail file).

    This was a fun post! I feel like we got to know you that much better :)

  7.! Colour me impressed! I can't believe you have all that at work! How big is your desk again?! I would worry that my co-workers would find out if I had such a cool stash, and that they would start the pilfering process! Let's just say that if the end of the world actually was today (it's not!), you would probably be the only person prepared to meet it looking chic & beautiful! You are thorough and have now given me much food for thought; even though I'm a stay at home mom, now I want a secret stash too!!

  8. @Latoya - I think your work stash is more than decent! And is it scary that I don't think my second stash is all that big? It could be so much worse.

    @Eugenia - LOL! Start a stash in your car!!! My desk is actually quite big. I don't work with a lot of paper so there's plenty of space for other more fun things than work stuff. ;)

  9. Oh Liz, this is a post that was just meant for me. After I got this new job I've been planning what I need to bring to my new office, work binders, contact lists, yada yada. More importantly my beauty stash!! I don't know that mine is quite as large but it's certainly close. The only thing I didn't really see that I use is a misting spray like Evian, great for those hot summer days when you get back from a lunch time walk. Avon also makes an allover cooling spray that I love too. As well, hair spray and of course a mirror..or two ;)

  10. Yay!!! Congrats on your new job again, Tracy! :)

    I did keep a mini hair spray before but found I didn't use it much. I guess half of the items are really a "just in case" stash rather than "use every day."

  11. I have a little dop kit that lives in my work bag. If I recall correctly it has: lipgloss, balm, paste/brush/floss, blot powder, blot papers, nail polish, clippers, and an SD card case (not sure why!). I'm thinking now I need to add shadow and blush though. I keep a nail file in my pen cup along with a gloss or two...

    1. You sound like my type of makeup addict. I'd put nail files and glosses in the pen cup too if I wasn't afraid of co-workers thiefing them.


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