Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Favourites

How quickly June has flown by! The weather was quite topsy-turvy and downright unpredictable for most of it, but June is such a beautiful transition month between spring and summer and I'm sad that it's already over. (But I'm also more than ready for July's blazing sun - bring on the heat!) Here are some beauty goodies that I've been enjoying this month.

NARS Blush in "Gilda"

I featured it back in the winter-to-spring transition post and never mentioned it again. I neglected it all throughout May while I was enjoying Benefit's Coralista, then suddenly loved the hell out of it this month.

It's a much more vibrant colour than I've ever tried, and it's hellish trying to capture the colour correctly on photos. The NARS website simply describes it as "coral." I know it looks pink in the photo above, but in person it looks peachy coral, stopping just short of the orange territory. (Again I must refer you to a superior blog photo that captures the shade more correctly.)

Now, I'm not very good at swatching, but I made the attempt this time.

There. That looks more peachy/orangey. I think the shift to a warmer shade is natural as my skin starts to darken and tan. I'm glad I took the plunge to experiment - it's truly a unique shade in my collection.

GlowFusion Micro-Tech Intuitive Active Bronzer in "Golden"

Though my face has become more tanned, I haven't changed my foundation to match my face. The difference is slight but noticeable enough that bronzers have become a must-have this month. I thought I'd try the one that I neglected the most. At the time of purchase, I was doubtful as to whether I would end up using it at all, but I am just loving it right now.

As you can see, there's a pretty golden shimmer. This shimmer is not noticeable in person.

Heavily swatched for your viewing pleasure.

See the fine shimmer?


I think when GlowFusion calls this shade "Golden", it's not actually for the shade of bronzer itself but the tiny golden shimmer hidden within it. I never realized how shimmery this was until the photos showed me. But seriously, you cannot detect it on the face at all. Just a nice, healthy glow. Love.

Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 38

Already raved about it back in the sunscreen post earlier this month. Definitely still loving it.

Dippity-Do Mega Hold Hair Gel

By the end of May, I had a firm grasp on how to style my newly shortened curly 'do. However, the short layers have grown out a little since and already the whole thing is starting to drag, resembling messy waves instead of shiny curls. Honestly, I'm the laziest person when it comes to hair. On humid days when the hair just goes wild, frizzy and crazy, I grab this $2 gel and slather it on top. It's the only way to keep the crazy at bay. I remember my brother going through countless bottles of this stuff during his teenage years to keep his hair "spikey" and I also remembered that it was dirt cheap. It still is. I got the gel instead of a wax because when I asked my brother out of desperation after five days of wrestling with unruly ends, he was like, "Uhhhh... I usually get the got2b stuff. I dunno. It works." I hit the drugstores and found that hair wax/putty are like $7-15. I know, it's silly to be penny-pinching now when I'm buying NARS blush and what not, but do we not all become sour-faced el cheapos in the drugstore? I didn't want to buy another hair care product but I needed something. Frankly, to me, all hair gels are the same. This one does the job and I love that it's cheap and humongous and I will be able to bequeath it to my brother in my will since I'll never be able to finish it in one lifetime. Or will I? Only the crazy summer weather will tell.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Weak-willed wench that I am, I gave in to my love of Laura Mercier once more. This is actually just a preview of my next post which will be a spotlight on Laura Mercier foundations. (It's confession time!!!) Stay tuned 'til then!

What have you been loving this month? Do you get progressively lazier throughout the summer as I do?


  1. Weak-willed wench haha. That one made me really laugh!
    Oh, yeah I get progressively lazier as summer goes on. I've been doing the ultimate lazy-self tanning my face. I haven't needed to use any foundation if I do that, and it makes my red cheeks less noticeable. Double whammy!
    Nice faves!

  2. Swatches look great! One day I shall buy more NARS blushes. Tracy above me had me lusting after a bunch as well!!

  3. @Tracy - Lucky!! I always need foundation. Hence the Laura Mercier.

    @Christine - Thanks! I have only 2 so far (this and Luster) but it's crazy how addicting they are. And yeah, Tracy's a big-time enabler! ;D

  4. Gilda looks lovely and your swatches look great! Looking forward to your Laura Mercier foundation post. I've only tried the Silk creme foundation which was nice, but I couldn't get a decent colour match.

  5. NARS products in general often have me lusting :S Gilda is kind of like a non-shimmery version of Torrid, yeah? I think that's what I've heard. I LOVE the Glow Fusion bronzer, OMG it looks amazing! The swatches look mega-enticing, great job!

  6. Really love that NARS you've got me chomping at the bit to go see it in person; I have a total weakness for peachy/coral blushes! That GlowFusion bronzer looks awesome - and since this is my Summer of the Bronzers, I've just added that one to my "must-see-for-myself" list! I can't wait to read your review on the Laura Mercier Foundation; I've only tried their tinted moisturizers (which I love) so I'll be really interested to know what you thought of it!

  7. I totally get lazier through the summer! And then fall comes with all of its gorgeous vampy colors, and I get reinspired again :D

  8. @Nat - It won't be revolutionary or anything but I have a hugely biased love for LM!

    @Toya - I don't have Torrid so can't say, but... sure! lol And thanks. :)

    @Eugenia - It's payback for all your beautiful posts that had me clutching my wallet in both eagerness and fear! ;)

    @Larie - YES! I'm already so gone on some of the fall collections... it's going to get a little scary come August. :x

  9. I was LOLing at SO many points in the post! A) the fact that you will bequeath dippity-do gel to your brother (yeah, I've NEVER finished hair gel either) and b) "... but do we not all become sour-faced el cheapos in the drugstore?" The answer is a resounding YES! I bought Burt's Bees tinted lip balm the other day and had to seriously convince myself $7.00 wasn't too much. Bah! Give me 2.00 mascara or give me death!

  10. *high five to fellow el cheapo* I thought the BB tinted lip balm was a bit much as well! The original appeal of BB was the affordable price. :/ $2 mascaras are impossible in Canada! $4 minimum which is still rare.

  11. Yes yes I do become a sour faced el-cheapo in the drugstore too, I'll easily hand over beaucoup dollars when I'm at Sephora, etc. but somehow when I'm at Shoppers I price compare like my life depends on it :) These are quite the range of products, from NARS to dippity-do, love it! I can not wait for the LM reviews...

  12. @TMF - Most NARS blush are!!!

    @Tracy D - So strange what happens to our sense of perspective when we're in different places, eh?? It's been a busy weekend but I'll try to squeeze out the LM post in the next few days!

  13. Girl, what are you talking about drugstore cheapo? I'm all about pinching a few pennies where you can so that you can throw said saved pennies towards some nicer products :P

  14. You're smart like that, but I'm pretty sure the results of my penny-pinching just goes straight to Starbucks. Oh, and I ended up getting a hair wax anyway. Hopeless.


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