Monday, June 20, 2011

Nail Polish: Butter London "Pearly Queen"

One thing I try to avoid in nail polish is stark white or pitch black. I like moving between the extremes and you won't find too many things close to either end in my collection. But if I have to choose between white or black, I'll almost always choose black. So I barely noticed when Chanel Pearl Drop debuted with my beloved Black Pearl.

However, someone has been whispering sweet nothings about Chanel Pearl Drop lately (*cough* Carrie *cough*) and I guess it was in the back of my mind when I was browsing some Butter Londons. I ended up with Pearly Queen, which turned out to be quite close to Pearl Drop based on some internet browsing (as far as I can tell).

I had only one other Butter London nail polish but had been planning to venture into the brand some more. The quality of Butter London formula is fantastic. You'd think that with a pale shade like this, multiple coats, much strength of will and patience will be required. But nope. Two thin coats and I had complete coverage. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this colour.

Part of me thought it was a bit granny and wedding-y while the majority parts of my conflicted soul thought it was refined and classy. I ended up leaving on for 7 days, which almost never happens these days, so that tells you something. I'm quite glad I picked this up as there isn't anything like this in my stash and is a great quality nail polish.

I definitely recommend Butter London for those who are curious about the brand. I've tried the polish in Marrow as well as a few of their body lotions. Overall it's a solid brand that's slightly on the expensive side without being anywhere near close to Chanel territory.

What's your take on the shade? Dig it or leave it?


  1. So, here's how it works between you and I: you create my nail polish lemmings, and I create your fragrance lemmings. It all balances out I guess, except nail polish is considerable less expensive. Unless you count sampling perfume instead of buying bottles. :)

    This one seems much more silvery than Pearl Drop, but I don't have one quite like this- so I'll be getting it for sure. I'm literally addicted to metallic nail polishes, and this has a beautiful sheen to it. It took 3 good coats of the Lise Watier to get full coverage, so the fact that this one does it in two thin coats is pretty amazing!

  2. I love Butter London polishes! I think they are my fave. Love the colour on you!

  3. This is really chic & elegant, especially against your skin tone, Liz. As to being close to the Chanel, I have to say that apart from the pearly white base, that's where all similarities end. Pearl Drop has a predominant pale gold 'secret' shimmer, with very fine pink and green thrown in to round it out, which makes it a totally different animal...slightly yellower that this, obviously as a result of the gold duochrome-y shimmer. On the plus side, Butter London polishes are awesome and price wise they're just slightly less than Chanel. The fact that you only needed 2 coats is the biggest selling point for me! Your nails look so healthy! :)

  4. Wow! 7 days?! A feat I have rarely (if ever?) accomplished. This looks like a neat twist on the metallic polishes I've been tempted with at every turn lately though. The mixer in me wants to mix this with something and see what subtly shimmery results I come up with ....

  5. I'm also impressed you wore this for 7 days! I haven't done that in ages, so it must have been worth it! This kind of shade does not appeal to me at all, usually in general - not just because they do NOT suit my skin tone - but there is something about this one that really looks great! It's not granny at all, somehow it looks kinda edgy and cool. Very sophisticated!

  6. @Carrie - Ha, yes! That's exactly how it works between us. I suppose due to the mass sampling that will be going on from now on, I'll probably end up buying a few more bottles than I actually planned to. Oh, and the LW polish took me only coats, so perhaps you'll find that you need 3 coats of this one for desired coverage.

    @Tracy - Thanks! I love BLs too! Must try more!

    @Eugenia - Thanks for the clarification on Chanel Pearl Drop! From your description, it sounds like Chanel really recreated the look of an actual pearl while this one remains a rather flat shimmery silver-white. Damn, now I'm feeling the need to check out Pearl Drop in person if it's still around somewhere!

    @Amy - I'm too afraid to mix in case it turns into a huge mess, but that is an intriguing thought! My manicures tend to last all week unless I work a lot with my hands.

    @Toya - I know, we have nail polish ADD now. :D I'm sure this will look great on you as well. Maybe I can convince you to buy one when you're in town next week. ;)

  7. Liz- Pearl Drop definitely has a bit of a yellowish-gold tone to it, it looks like antique pearls. At first the yellow shocked me a bit, then after I saw it on me in all different lights, I understood it. Now, as you know, I'm just wild about it. The Butter London one looks like Pearl Drop's silvery sister, I'm loving it!

  8. I think colors like this are gorgeous, but they always make me antsy for Christmas to get here :/ No clue why.
    I see Butter London shades that I'm drawn to all the time, but I still haven't been able to bring myself around to paying their price. Someday though, I'm sure!

  9. @Carrie - Stop encouraging me, lol!

    @Caitlin - I know what you mean. I think this can definitely work as a holiday colour. I was going for a similar look for New Year's. BL does have some interesting and unique shades. Yes, some day! :)


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