Sunday, August 28, 2011

Design Fail: Bourjois Paris Express Eye Makeup Remover

I hate design failures on products. It's a dead giveaway that the company is thinking more of profit than consumer satisfaction. "What's going to look cute and sell?" versus "How useful can we be?" Yeah, every company thinks profit, of course, but at least they can pretend that they're offering us something worth spending money on, right?

The last product I hated on was the T3 Veloce Dryer which places the on/off button exactly where the hand has to grasp the dryer. Today it's Bourjois Paris Express Eye Makeup Remover.

The little pearl is supposed to be attached to the top of the lid and it's what you tug on to open the lid. One day it just fell off.

What's the big deal? The deal is that it's very difficult or next to impossible to open the remover without it.

There's no place for you to dig your hand into in order to lift the lid. After minutes of wrestling with it, I can wedge a fingernail into the crack but it results in chipped or scrached manicure. Fucking annoying is what it is.

Mine isn't the only one that had the pearl thingy come off. I saw the displays and samples at the drugstore had most of the pearl handle missing.

Because it got so irritating, I was forced to go out and find a similar size bottle to pour the remainder of the eye makeup remover into. A container with a normal lid.

Then I had to practially tear off the upper part of the Bourjois bottle to get to the opening.

So now my $4 travel container is filled with the remainder of the Bourjois makeup remover. I shouldn't have had to go through this trouble. The remover itself is just kind of okay, not the kind of amazingness I've experienced with Lancome Bi-Facil. So not worth the trouble. But I'm a cheap-ass when it comes to removers and can't toss a perfectly good bottle, no matter the annoyance.

I still wonder if I'm making a big deal over nothing, but I can't help but think if I were designing a bottle, I'd perhaps make sure that it's secure, easy to open and close and generally hassle-free for the person who might be using it on a daily basis. Simple things like that. But, you know, that's just me.

Smell ya later, Bourjois.

What do you guys think? Is packaging failure a deal breaker for you?


  1. Packaging totally turns me off it it's fail :P Like those damn clicky pens! I hate them.

    This would piss me off, too. XD Apparently I have anger issues.

  2. I don't use clicky pens so I don't get your issues, but I trust that they're bad. ;p

    Cool, we can attend anger management together with our angry Tuxedo manicures!

  3. Wow. This is horrible. Totally useless "cutesy" packaging is so bullshit. Hell no. Never.

    Have you tried L'Oreal's 2-phase remover? It's quite good. Not Bi-facil good, but alright for the price.

  4. That IS totally a fail! Though I can see how it could look so cute that the design would be hard to resist even if it did suck majorly. ;)

  5. Let me just say that you exhibited a tolerance that most people would never have....myself included. After the pearl thingie fell off and I realized that a prying tool would be needed to work this bottle, and after experiencing less than stellar results with this product, I would have deep-sixed it faster than you can blink. My holy grail makeup remover, and has been for years now, is none other than Neutrogena's oil-free makeup remover. It's quick, efficient, gentle, non-irritating, frequently found on sale (less than $8.00 Canadian)....and it works amazingly well. Maybe that's one you should consider...and chuck this hot mess!

  6. I would have been majorly pissed off as well. I hate flippy caps period.
    I always stick with my trusty Neutrogena makeup remover. I don't bother trying anything else.

  7. I hate bottles with this weird "SHOVE A BUTTER KNIFE UP ME AND YANK ME OFF" cap like this one has. Why can't companies make a bottle with a regular twist off cap WITH a flip lid? I mean if no one likes the flip part, then at least they can twist off the cap as well. But this whole yanking business is BS!

  8. I also had this happen, for the price it cost me I would think that it would last it's time in original packaging but no I also put mine in a different bottle. I use the Clean And Clear dual phase eye makeup remover. It's low priced and gets all my waterproof stuff off as good as the high end removers. Brands also worth trying if in Canada are Marcelle and Quo (Shoppers) they both make a dual phase remover as well.

  9. @Arianne - See, I didn't think it was useless at first because it was supposed to be the handle! Ugh. And yeah, really liked the L'Oreal. Am thinking of going back to it.

    @Amy - I didn't really pick it for the cuteness, though perhaps subconsciously I let it do what it was supposed to do! lol

    @Eugenia - Ah, though I accumulate products like crazy, I just can't let go of anything without trying desperately to do justice. I might have tossed this if I had to wrestle with it any longer! I certainly won't be buying it again that's for sure.

    @Tracy - I tried the Neutrogena a long time ago. I think I'll shop around and see what's new in the remover department after this. :)

    @Ashley - I don't know what their problem is. Bourjois is all about the cute packaging, though, so I really shouldn't have been surprised. However, I was taken in by the extra jumbo size and thought I was scoring a deal. ;(

    @Christine - My sister has a Marcelle at home so I might try that. It's not a waterproof remover, though. Can't remember if I've tried the Clean & Clear before. I'll probably go with another new product and continue on the path of destruction. lol

  10. I love reading everyone's reactions to this post; seems we all can totally relate to your anger, so you are entirely justified :P That would super piss me off, but like you I would find a way to use every drop of the product because I hate to waste anything. Thanks for the heads up on the shitty product/packaging though, I'll steer clear!

  11. I know! And to think I was afraid of being too negative. Let's all go to anger management TOGETHER! >;D

    It's more packaging issue than the product. I wouldn't have written anything about it otherwise!

  12. Well I've had a cocktail after work before reading this so I'm a little more zen at this moment and am thinking, hmm..I don't know that a container has ever made me THAT angry. Now catch me as I walk in the door full of road rage and I might have gone off the deep end if that pearl end fell off :)

  13. Tracy D, I want whatever drink you had! :D

    I get pissed off because bad packaging is so DELIBERATE. It doesn't just happen in a bubble. It's painstakingly designed by someone, approved by someone else, marketed by yet another someone, then finally sold by another party. The intention to deprive is there from the start. Of course, this isn't a life-threatening risk like bad driving is, so I guess there's that flip side. I don't know. You should see me when I REALLY get mad about something actually important. ;)

  14. I can totally understand how annoying this is! Manufacturers should definitely think about the practical side of their products - when I am having hard times opening a box/jar/whatever or the packaging breaks, I will not buy it again no matter how good the actual product is.

  15. Right?? There are so many other products out there to explore. Not worth the hassle!

  16. No product is worth that amount of hassle to get to! I would have taken it back and demanded a refund (if I didn't throw it through a window first). So ridiculous!

  17. Hmm... I've never tried returning beauty products at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is where I bought it. Not sure if that's an even bigger hassle. But I rarely throw anything away unless I'm convinced it's going to blind, maim or scar.


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