Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dior Mitzah Collection: "Camel" Nail Polish

Here's a quick post to let the Canadian gals know that the Dior Mitzah Collection has finally hit the Sephora shelves! Go nuts!

Ever since Cafe Makeup posted about the Mitzah nail polishes (see her fantastic posts here and here), I've been eagerly waiting for it to reach this bitterly cold and isolated landscape we live in. The Bloor St/Avenue Road Sephora put up a huge banner which alerted me to their divine presence, and I nearly got run over by a car as I stopped dead in my tracks before suddenly bolting to cross the street.

I stormed into the Sephora like a mad woman, ran straight to the Dior shelf and shocked the hell out of a saleswoman and a customer by demanding, "Are they all sold out?!?"

They both looked at me like I was a crazy person, then moved graciously out of my way as people often do when they encounter the crazies. I was torn at that point. Which products do I go home with? All of them? Just the nail polishes? Just one nail polish? Gaaaah!

The salesgirl came back to finally offer her assistance and insight. We both thought Ebony was sort of being done and re-done over and over this season. It's a slightly more blackened and greyed version of Underground, which Dior released not all that long ago. My take was that the reason the shades look so good is because (a) they're packaged in Dior, and (b) Ebony and Camel side by side go to together. Take one solo and they don't look anywhere near as good as they do together.

Yet I was not convinced that Ebony is unique enough to pay Dior prices for. I had my doubts about Camel as well and swatched and squirmed and debated for God knows how long. The salesgirl got tired of me and eventually wandered off.

Well, I came home with just Camel, knowing that I did have something kind of similar in my stash but fairly confident that they differed enough to justify the purchase.

Dior Mitzah Camel

It even comes in a special box.

I've been noticing camel coloured clothing everywhere lately. It's usually paired with navy blue, which is a beautiful combination. I love navy clothing but camel tends to wash me out so I avoid camel coloured clothes. It's nice that I can have a little camel on nails at least.


I'm not a huge fan of the Dior shimmer, but it looks really nice here.

And now for the comparison...

Left to right: OPI A-Taupe the Space Needle (yeah, I caved to one from Touring America Collection), OPI San Tantonio (another from the Texas Collection), Dior Camel, MAC In the Buff (click here to see my review of In the Buff way back when no one was reading this blog... :))

[Edited: Becca Lost Weekend Nail Collection also has a beautiful camel called "Saddle Up" -- see Zuneta's YouTube video here. It also has some great application tips by the manicurist!]

As I suspected, Camel is the closest to In the Buff, but In the Buff has a sickly jaundiced look when compared to Camel's smoothness and warmth. I breathe a sigh of relief at not having brought home a dupe.

I know that this collection is going to go fast, especially the nail polishes. I normally don't like to encourage lemmings but feel it's my duty to warn you to GO NOW if you want a piece of the Mitzah action. When I checked today, Holt Renfrew and The Bay did not stock this collection (not sure if they will in October or never), so please go straight to Sephora.

Unfortunately in Canada they don't have the Mitzah Collector Palette Panther Eyeshadow that is the crown jewel of the collection (salesgirl said it is "extremely limited"), but they do have the similarly outrageously expensive Mitzah 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow.

Will you be indulging in the Dior Mitzah Collection, or like Larie do you only see a dirty slobbering animal?


  1. Glad that you don't have any exact dupes of this! I hate it when that happens.

    The polish is really gorgeous, I love that it's both unique and wearable. And LOL, I barged into Sephora to secure 2 Dior Addict lipsticks the other day, and spend so long playing with the colors that the SA got tired of me and wandered off >.<

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!!!! I love it. Camel is such a classic staple, and I like the way it plays against my olive skin tone. My favorite pairing of camel is with red. Honestly two gorgeous classics that just exude sophisticated subdued glamour. I'm glad you got it. I think your swatch sways me quite a bit. I am not sure that I will be able to resist it. I have a credit with Nordies, but unfortunately it's a Sephora exclusive. My resolve seems shaken. What to do Liz, what to do....

  3. @MM - I guess that frequently happens to bloggers. Sometimes I wonder if they're freaking out on the inside because I'm messing up all their sanitized displays, lol.

    @D - Oh, so sorry, Danielle. Are you on a self-imposed ban right now? You're right that it also looks great with red. Can't wait to try it. Seem that I'm no help to you today!

  4. Yay, something I am absolutely not interested in! The color "camel" just makes me giggle because I think of actual camels, which are hilarious nothing gets done. Camels must be avoided at all costs. It's gorgeous and I applaud your effort in only bringing one home, Liz!

  5. YAY!!! LOL

    I added the camel pic at the end, just for you!

  6. Once more, my friend, we are sharing that same connection: just yesterday, I indulged in the two shades (Camel & Ebony) and now I do believe I'll be heading back for perhaps a couple of other pieces!! I swatched the eye shadow colours yesterday and realized how wearable they are...let's just hope they're not sold out by the time I get there! PS: love this shade on you - it really compliments your skin tone!!

  7. Very pretty! I could never get away with that camel color on my nails. First I have seen of these, thanks!

  8. @Eugenia - You know, my friend, I was thinking of you as I was debating the merits of Ebony and just KNEW that you would pick it up and figure out a way to develop a fabulous post around it! I couldn't justify it for my collection but I have every confidence that you'll manage to make me regreat not having picked it up! LOL Can't wait to see your reviews!

    @Zuzu - It's a very warm, yellowy shade, so I can see some people shying away from it. Just wondering: what shade of nail polish are you most drawn to? I think I know your basic faves but not sure about you re: nails. :)

  9. Fortunately enough, such warm colours keep me ice cold :) But I understand your fascination and believe you are going to wear this colour a lot this season ;)

  10. Great comparisons! I got this one & can't decide whether or not it looks flattering on me. But what the heck I'll wear it anyway! :) I don't mind camels as long as they aren't spitting at me :)

  11. That's a lovely shade and it looks fabulous on you! I don't think it would work well with my skintone, but it really is pretty. I'm not sure when the collection will be available here in the UK, but I might pick up Ebony and I might have to check out the gorgeous eyeshadow palette too!

  12. I could never pull this off, but it's made me hungry ;)

  13. @Magpie - Haha! It's one of those near-ugly trendy colours. I'm sure you'll have no problems rocking it!

    @Nat - Ooooh, I can really see you get a lot of wear out of the palette. Let me know what you end up getting!

    @Tracy D - Oh, I think that you definitely CAN, Miss Tracy D! (I'm feeling a little slow tonight - why is this making you hungry??)

  14. I'm not sure if I like the color as a nail polish, but in general I think the shade is so luxurious and cozy looking - they got the camel color dead on! If nothing else it could just sit looking pretty on my dresser, untouched LOL Speaking of Dior polishes, I took a gander at some tonight and I might have to finally give in! I do not yet have a Dior...could be trouble!

  15. You have quite the diverse tan collection! I was unsure how that Dior shimmer would pan out on your nails.... but da-a-ng! I'm LOVING it!

  16. @Toya - Your assessment is totally right about the shade! If there's anything designer names get right, it's precision of colour. Nail polish is my way of getting a slice of that luxury. I can't splurge on a cashmere camel coat but I can replicate it on my nails. :) Dior NPs are stellar in quality and I haven't regretted any yet.

    @Amy - I haven't done a full manicure with it yet so it's hard to tell from the one nail I put up there. But the Dior shimmer is usually much more subtle and barely detectable!


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