Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progress! My fourth empties post.

I am getting better at this. It's a semi-monthly empties post, baby! Yeah!

I've been concentrating my efforts on half-finished containers and seasonal things. Skincare and beauty products aren't like sandals that can be put away and brought out again intact. It pains me to throw away anything that isn't used to the last drop, so I am on a mission to get rid of as many summer things as possible before winter!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo

I really liked this shampoo for a while and this was maybe my third or fourth time using it. However, by the end of this bottle, I felt like the sweet coconut scent started to drift over to the overly sweet and sickening territory. It's something I've been going through lately with perfumes as well. Part of it is due to the changing season and I'm looking for headier scents, less sugary. In any case, that's the only reason it might be a while before I return to this shampoo. It's definitely an okay-to-good shampoo for the normal hair types. (Sophisticated rating system here, I know.)

Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist

First introduced here, mentioned here, and finally reviewed in full here.

I've had this bottle forever it seems. As mentioned, this product is now irreplaceable. So long, Sea Mist! It's been swell.

John Frieda Brillian Brunette Satin Shine Finishing Creme

I swear to God, I had this thing for about 3-4 years. Maybe more. Holy hell, did it take long to finish.

Guess what I did? Went out and bought it again. Once I figured out that it works much better on curly/wavy hair than it does on straightened hair (applying it after straightening my hair brings the waves back again for some reason), I've been using it to touch up on the frizz and waves. Too much will look greasy and weight hair down, but just the right amount will add a nice sheen. Solid product for decent price!

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

I meant to do a review of it first but here we are with a finished tub. I wish these Body Shop scrubs would come in a larger size. Do they? I've checked at the stores but all they have are these 200ml jars.

Anyway, I really really like this. I like the fresh smell that isn't anything like olives, I'm not terribly impressed with the sickly green hue that resembles a guacamole gone bad but the grains buff nicely while the paste mixture doesn't leave skin feeling stripped or dry. Yet I can't say that it's any better than the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. What some people found way too harsh for the face, I used for the body. What matters then is the price difference. $5 or double that? Let's just say... I've been waiting for St. Ives to go on sale.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

I know. Again. I have one more pack of this left and am debating whether I should continue to buy them. On the one hand, they are the best wipes ever created for oily/acne-prone skin. On the other, I could forget the wipes and just do a double-cleanse at the sink every night. I do need to work through a lot more facial cleansers so I might give the wipes a rest and concentrate my energy on finishing up facial cleansers. Go me!

Rembrandt Premium Whitening Toothpaste

This is the most expensive toothpaste I have ever paid for or heard of in my life. CAD$10, y'all. I know. What the hell, right? But it had to be tried. And having tried it, I think it does work nicely if you use it diligently immediately after a visit to the dentist. I'm constantly drinking coffee or wine or whatever else, so stains and I are in a stalemate. I think what I'm worried about most is enamel wear/sensitivity, so I'll probably go back to using Sensodyne which only costs CAD$4 compared to this monstrous extravagance.

Okay, now you can really get excited. I've finished a makeup product!


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Hallelujah! It was carried over from last summer and I had to wait until I became more tanned before it could be used. It's an extremely drying foundation, so only the super oily will derive any benefit from this. Previously mentioned here and here. I don't think that I'll buy this again because I now prefer Laura Mercier Silk Creme which provides much better coverage, although Mat Velvet is supposed to be full coverage as well.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

This little tin requires no introduction. (But previously reviewed here, FYI.) Who doesn't own one or ten tins of the great Rosebud Salve? I love this balm but refuse to buy it again until I have finished all the other lip balms in my stash (currently five). My only gripe with this balm is the overinflated Canadian price. Currently it stands at $9 in Sephora while the tube version which contains less product costs more at $9.50 (someone explain that to me please). If it hits the $10 mark, I might never buy it again. It was $4 when the craze started, which was not that long ago. If I hadn't known that it was once so much more cheaper, I might not care as much. But I guess I'm doing that old people thing where you look back upon "the good old days" and wonder why everything is so degenerate now. Back then, air was fresher, water was cleaner and lip balms were cheaper. The good old days.

[EDITED: The tin is $9.50 and the tube is $8.50. I stand corrected.]

Vasanti Conquer 3-in-1 Stick and Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Sample)

I've used and really liked a deluxe sample size of the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. It had been a while and I wanted to re-try the primer, so I got a sample of that when I bought the Loose Transluscent Powder. I still really like it, so I might go ahead and get the full size. It might be nice for winter and sometimes it's nice to work with a non-mattifying primer that still controls oil and keep your makeup from melting off.

As for the Vasanti Conquer, I really like it but don't want to pay CAD$15 for it again. I realize I sound really cheap when it comes to lip balms, but something in me burns knowing that chapstick-wearers can slap down a dollar or two and walk away with perfectly moisturized lips while people like me with sandpaper lips have to fork over at least $10 for a nice balm that doesn't smell bad or taste funny. Not fair.

In case you're wondering how I got all the product out of the tube, I took a sample jar from Sephora and emptied the balm from the tube with a toothpick. What would have been really handy in this situation is one of those little spatulas that come with a tiny sample jar of Creme de La Mer.

9 products + 1 sample gone. I love the feeling of throwing out a well-used item. How about you? Been emptying anything lately?


  1. Oh my god, I honestly haven't finished anything but Vaseline and German Nivea Creme in... probably five or six years (before I started blogging)! >.<

    SO. In other words. I AM PROUD OF YOU! :P

  2. What an amazing job at finishing these products! and u finished a foundation! omg!!! GOOD JOB!!! I finished rose bud salve and it took FOREVER! i dont think i wold get it again bc i doubt that miracle can happen twice! i hae that same wave spray and it just never seems to end! its crazy!

  3. @Rae - Thanks! I know, it's insane with blogging. But given that my premise has to do with reducing the stash, it'd be silly of me not to do more empties! And... YOU FINISHED A VASELINE??? INCONCEIVABLE!

    @Lilladylife - Thanks! Loved your empties post, too! I think this was my 4th or 5th Rosebud Salve but this time it took MUCH longer than the previous tins. Don't give up on the wave spray, it's good stuff! lol

  4. Another empties post?! My goodness are you ever fast.
    I'm THIS close to finishing my FIRST tin of rosebud salve and then I have two new tins to go through... Why did I ever think Hoarding was cool!?

  5. OK, I am setting off the poppers for celebration!!!!

    I wonder if the Brunette works for naturally straight hair. I'm curious about that line.

    I'm going to ask, have you tried the Nivea lip balms. They are my absolute favorites. I just love them a lot. And they're cheap. I heard Chapstick was bad for your lips, so I stay away from it. I also love the Korres, but those suckers are expensive. But they have the sets, and I am going to get it when the Sephora F&F sale starts. I know Korres also does sales, I wonder if they are available to your neck of the woods. There was one last week. I'll check if you're interested.

  6. You've done a great job!
    Didn't finish anything in the last year :(


  7. You really ARE a reductionista! And finishing makeup items, even digging every bit out of a lipstick tube should put you in the Empties Hall of Fame!

  8. That is amazing, Liz!!!

    I totally feel you on the lip balm thing - it's not fair! Why can't I pay $2 for chapstick and enjoy moisturized lips? Boo extremely dry lips >:(

    Also, on the Rembrandt - I had the pink one (severe stains?) and I noticed that using it frequently did make my teeth more sensitive...so I reduced it to once a day or every two days (I had two toothpastes going - the other was a Crest or something pro-health one) and that helped a lot. I am forever drinking red wine, coffee, etc. too, so I do need to kind of be more proactive with teeth staining. Also, they're cheaper on Amazon! you can buy them in sets of three!

  9. heh i love empties post lol i think its prolly cuz i prolly have never finished a product in my life >_< i have the hello hydration conditioner in a humongo size and i kinda hate it. i wonder if the shampoo is any better? I also have the rose bud salve tin and I could prolly get around to finishing it, but I realized I hate putting on stuff with my fingers and/or lip brush which is why I'd be perfectly willing to pay for the tube xD

    i keep seeing the body shop tea tree wipes on here and it's kinda tempting me to get them because i use wipes (which i've actually finished i just realized) and i kinda like their tea tree line

    I think im almost getting close to finishing my mat velvet also ^^ but i think its drying out my skin >_< i wanna try the LM but i think all her stuff breaks me out T_T

  10. Congrats & well done!! I was telling our pal Danielle, just yestrday, how you're my hero, especially when it comes to actually finishing up the products you purchase!! On the plus side, you're now free to go for some new stuff....yay!! Kudos, Liz! PS: the Rembrandt toothpaste is $6.57 at Wal-Mart, if you're interested @D We most certainly carry Korres products here, both at Sephora & Shopper's Drug Mart!

  11. Wow, lots of empties, congrats! I really have to try that Rosebud Salve!

  12. @Ashley - You know, at the rate that the Rosebud is priced, hoarding it was prob. a good idea. I did have an extra tin but gave it to a friend as a part of a gift package! Now... I kind of want it back. LOL

    @D - I think it'd be fine on naturally straight hair. But it can get kind of greasy so you have to apply very very lightly. It works well on me because my hair is coarse and frizzy. As for Nivea, I want to like it more than I do, and I'm a little pissed off at Korres for being so expensive now. A part of their initial appeal was the affordability but I think they raised their price as soon as they became well-known. Also, they NEVER go on sale. BLEH.

    @Drama & Makeup - Awww! But the year isn't over yet! :)))

    @Zuzu - Haha, thanks!! I'm trying!

    @Larie - Thanks, my lovely bandit! That's good to know about Rembrandt if I want to go back to it. Or not. I'll probably stick with Sensodyne and take my calcium supplements more seriously... oof. Someone noticed that the three people in my family with super dry lips are the same three people who hate to eat their veggies, LOL (me, my brother and my mom). I think there's something to that, so I'm trying to improve on that and see if it makes a difference. But I love my carbs so much! :(

    @Isabella - I've finished a humongo size of the conditioner before but didn't hate it. It was just kind of okay on me. If you didn't like the conditioner, I don't think you'll like the shampoo either. But give the Tea Tree wipes a try if you're acne-prone! Definitely much better for me than the regular wipes. And sorry to hear about LM stuff breaking you out. I wonder what's in them that your skin reacts to. :-/

    @Eugenia - I have plenty of more things to plow through before I can start buying again, but thank you for the encouragement and compliment!!! Good to know about the ever dependable Wal-mart!

    @Gaby - Thanks so much! And do try, at least once just to see what people are raving about. At first I thought it was just pink vaseline but it grew on me.

  13. Wow, props to you for finishing so many things! I run through skincare (particularly sunscreen and cleanser), makeup remover, and lip balm quite often, but I don't think I've ever finished a (non-sample) makeup product. I did hit pan on my favorite face powder awhile back, and the hole is now HUGE, but there's still some product left.

  14. You're kicking some serious butt there, my dear girl, rock on! I'm almost there, I'm so excited to do an empties post (in which I'll be giving you major credit), you started it all! Its such a unique idea that I've never seen on a blog before and you gotta give yourself kudos for being so original. Not like we expect anything else from you :)

  15. @Makeup Morsels - Hey, I would count a pan with a HUGE hole in it as an empty makeup! I hit pan on a MUFE powder in spring but it hasn't decreased much since! I wish it would just crack and die already! LOL

    @Toya - Thank you so much for the compliment, my dear, but I really can't take credit for this!! I mean, I thought I was being original at first but it turns out there are a lot of bloggers who have been doing empties for a really long time! One of my fave empties blogger is Claire @ Eyelining Obsessions. She's definitely my empties hero! I'll give her a shout-out in my next empties post, and I am SO excited to see what you've been working on! Proud of you, girl! ;D

  16. i LOOOVE the scent of brilliant brunette products! i recently bought the conditioner again :).

  17. Hi, Dani! It kind of smells like shea butter to me. I don't love it but don't dislike it either. :)

  18. Wow, that's a lot of empties! I've had a go at finishing a few different products myself over the past month, but my empties are nowhere near as impressive as yours!

    My current bottle of Mat Velvet is coming to an end at the moment and I'm not sure whether to repurchase either. I'm actually really tempted to check out Silk Creme again, because it does offer great coverage.

  19. @Nat - I thought it was off to a great start!! It gets better as you go along. ;) I think Mat Velvet only works in the summer. I'm glad mine ran out b/c I wouldn't have been able to use it much longer anyway. Based on previous pics, it doesn't look to me like you need much coverage though!

  20. CONGRATS!!!! I'm late to the party... but dang you are really making a ton of progress! I totally get what you mean about wipes v. facial cleansers. I always feel like I'm drowning in facial cleansers! But wipes just require so much less effort! ;)

  21. Thanks, Amy! I know, the wipes are so tempting to fall back on. Plus, I discovered that using these wipes are almost better for my skin if you can believe? The physical exfoliation helps a lot more than splashing water & cleanser, it seems! Now I'm torn.


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