Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Awards!

I was tagged in two blog awards by Frances @ Spot of Tea? and Vita @ Making up 4 my age whose blogs I recently began following. Click on the links to find out more about them and give their awesome blogs some well-deserved love. Thanks again, Frances and Vita!

For each tag, I'm suppose to post seven random facts about myself. To compromise, I'll do 7 instead of 14 in this combined post. I've done a few of these in the past (click the tag label at the end of this post) so I'm trying desperately to not be repetitive. Hopefully you won't be bored to death or scared off by the end.

1. I'm a sucker for bookish type things. Books that refer to books, journals with pictures of pencils on the cover, reed diffusers with references to Thoreau on its packaging... yes, take my money please! Thoreau and Emerson are cursing us from the afterlife, screaming that we should dispense with all this materialism and go live with the raccoons and foxes in the wild. But no thanks, guys. Love reading your books in the comfort of my warm and materialistic room filled with cosmetics and cheap synthetic fragrances bearing your name.

2. I'll find a way to work the subject of coffee into every conversation. I usually get the mild brewed coffee at Starbucks, but believe it or not, there are some corners in the city without a Starbucks. Like, OMFG. As backup, I have a dozen other coffee shops that I frequent, depending on where I am and what I'm doing. At each shop, I like to order very specific things. I'll even tell you what they are:
  • Tim Hortons - Medium regular or large with one cream and two sugars.
  • Second Cup - Earl Grey tea or lattes -- their brewed coffee taste like crap.
  • Timothy's - Fancy dessert drinks -- their brewed coffee taste like crap.
  • Marcello's - Medium or large medium strength Columbian.
  • Expensive place closest to work - Medium or large dark roast. But I try not to go there - their dark roast isn't that dark and the regular is too bland.
  • Happy place near home - Large house blend.
  • Mmmmmmmmuffins - I might stop going there. Coffee is weak.
  • Fancy place close to the campus - Small coffee (their sizing is even more ridiculously oversized than Starbucks).
  • McDonald's - Regular coffee -- believe it or not, it's not that bad!
  • Random donut shop - Regular coffee.
  • Random restaurants - Regular coffee or cafe au lait.

3. I have a deep appreciation for quirkiness. My siblings and I are constantly adopting quirky people we love into our siblinghood. There's a waitlist and it has to be a unanimous vote. Quirky is an insufficient word but it basically means something we find funny and interesting, be it people or items. Like this parrot pen for one. I don't remember who gave it to me (he/she must not have been quirky enough) but I'll carry this gem to the grave. Peck, peck, peck!

4. If I could have any animal in the world as pets, I'd pick miniature horses and fainting goats. They can roam free in my backyard to their hearts' content, galloping and fainting as they please. It will be a riot.

Adorable, aren't they???

5. I haven't travelled much outside the continent but I have been to Kazakhstan of all places. Now you're all thinking of Borat but I haven't even watched it so your references will fly over my head. One of the things I did there was to go on a three-day train ride and on the first night the train ran out of water so we couldn't even wash our faces for the remainder of the trip. That had to be the biggest beauty nightmare ever. Ever.

6. I'm obsessed with checking the weather before I go out. Doesn't matter if I've already checked in the morning -- I have to check it mid-day and evening also. If it's raining as I leave the house, I'll carry the biggest umbrella and pull on a water-resistant coat and wellies. If it won't rain until later, I'll probably dress normally and tote around a mini umbrella. Lately I feel like the forecast is always wrong or not being updated frequently enough. By the way, Toronto: here's our shitty weather for the week:

7. Shuffling Jesus is one of the best things I've seen all year. If you don't know what shuffling is, watch LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem video -- it gets awesome at 3:40. I'm trying to convince my brother to dress up like the robot for Halloween but he's refusing even though I found sparkly gold leggings. I'm totally willing to be Jesus. I don't think gold leggings is asking for too much. Is it??

Now that you realize I'm much weirder than you first supposed, I pass the awards on to some of my new(ish) fabulous friends who must be hiding some similarly weird details about themselves!

Check them out -- they're awesome! Oh, and if you are one of them, there's no obligation to do the tag. But I always think it's nice to find out more about the bloggers beyond our shared love of beauty stuff. :)


  1. Sorry I just had to comment - Kazakhstan? You've been? How come? See, I'm originally from one of the ex-Soviet countries (mine isn't near Kazakhstan but still...) and while I've been there, I haven't met many (if any!) people who have! Wow! You should write a whole blog post just about Kazakhstan and what you thought of it etc :-D

    And congrats on the awards! xo

  2. Thanks so much for the tag Liz! And congrats on the awards! I love how detailed your facts are, I really feel like I've gotten to know you better :D

    Also miniature horses = pets would be so AWESOME! Not sure about the goats because as much as I find them adorable it would freak me out everytime they faint!

  3. I've been (secretly?) following your blog for a bit now but I don't think I've ever actually left a comment. This post deserves one.

    This is by far one of the best posts I've ever read from you. :D Yay for the awards and for getting to know more about the person behind the beauty obsession!

    PS. I concur that gold leggings should have been enough to convince your brother to do Shuffling Jesus. ;)

  4. What an incredibly unexpected list- especially with the fainting goats and ponies! I will try to do this tag, if I can think of something creative enough!

  5. I've always wanted a miniature pony too but what are fainting goats?? Are they goat versions of a narcoleptic dog?

  6. @Miss A - I went with a church group back in 1997. It was quite the experience! There's an interesting mix of people and history in that country. I met with a lot of 3rd-4th generation Korean-Kazakhs which is another story all together! Perhaps some day or even at a different kind of blog... :)

    @Stacey - I think the fainting would be startling at first but we'd get used to it. And love them all the more for their strange vulnerability! Can't wait to see your post when you find the time and get your internet under control. ;)

    @Carmela - Hi! Thanks for coming out of the secrecy, hahaha! Thanks so much for the nice comment and I hope to get to know you better too. Yeah, I don't know what his aversion to being the robot is. That's the coolest person in the video, even more than the Shuffling Jesus.

    @Dovey - I don't think you'll have any problems! I'm always wowed by your creativity! :)

    @Ashley - What's a narcoleptic dog? lol YouTube fainting goats and you'll see. I love that we're constantly exchanging strange animal kingdom facts with one another!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Liz but to repeat Miss A, "Kazakhstan"? Why on earth?!!! And that second pic of the miniature horse is to die for!! I wonder if Vuitton makes a bag for that little guy......!!!

  8. Haha, you and I are so sympatico, I mean I am a total weather freak nut. What did we do without the internet?

    I've got seven weird (truth more than seven, but there isn't enough time) things that I will post. Ohhh, I need a theme.

  9. Omg, this post is awesome on so many levels. Those miniature horses are ADORABLE. And the goats? ALSO ADORABLE.

    That parrot pen is awesome. Your coffee profile is awesome. You are awesome. ;)

  10. Hahaha fainting goats and miniature horses would be a total riot. I think you should grow beets as well. :)
    I'm a weather freak too. I need to know. I watch the Weather Channel so much that I know the names of most of the meteorologists. Yes, it's sad I know.

  11. Haha, thanks for nominating me, Liz! :) I will do a follow-up post soon!

    Starbucks is the only place where I LOVE the brewed coffee (I'm a mild girl, too, 'cause MORE CAFFEINE), and the only place I'll order it. I've recently become obsessed with the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Second Cup, though (I get it with an extra shot), which I actually like more than Starbucks' version. :) And at Tim Horton's, I'm a classic double-double girl. (Did you know that the term 'double-double' doesn't exist in the States?)

    And, hey, my weather app is my most-used app! (Aside from, you know, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja...) I'm obsessed with checking the weather. And CP24? NOT RELIABLE.

  12. @Eugenia - Haha, I wouldn't be surprised if they custom-designed one for an eccentric billionaire! (I'd be soooooooooooo eccentric if I were rich!)

    @D - I honestly have no idea! I think I used to carry an umbrella just in case. But that was when I was a teenager and getting soaked was somehow okay. Can't wait to see your post!!

    @Larie - Are you sure you're not confusing weird with awesome? ;) My awesomeness does not compare to yours!

    @Tracy - Okay, beets too! Hahahaha, Tracy! Yeah, when we had cable for a little while, my siblings would always question my incessant need to turn to the weather channel. It was always one of those things!

  13. @Denise - YES TO MORE CAFFEINE!!! Have you noticed the Starbucks regular latte is basically just milk with hardly any espresso coming through? I'm not crazy about their Pumpkin Latte either... maybe I'll try the Second Cup one since our tastes are pretty similar. Sometimes I will get double double at Timmy's - I find their coffee flavour rather strange but it's impossible to avoid going there at least a few times a week. I don't have a smart phone yet (horror) but when I do, I most certainly will be relying on the weather app & Angry Birds with a vengeance!! Can't wait to see your post. :)

  14. hahahahah omg this is the best post ever. And I'm now adding 'fainting goat' to my Christmas wish list xD

    And I must say, not a huge fan of McDonald's coffee. I tried it a couple of times, and the coffee flavor was a bit watery. Had to add milk and sugar to cover the taste.

  15. Hi, MM! People will be wondering about the soaring popularity of fainting goats in 2012. :) As for McD's coffee, perhaps they make it stronger around here?? I wouldn't be able to drink it if it was watery. I forgot to mention that I can't drink my parents' coffee because they make it so weak!

  16. Good God, you're hilarious Liz :P I don't know where you come up with some of the stuff you say LOL!! Now, I have to comment on the following points: 1) McD's coffee = it IS pretty darn good! 2) Kazakhstan!? WTF? 3) I also check the weather compulsively - do you tend to walk more than drive? I have to walk most places so I think that's why I do it - it matters! 4) Shufflin' Jesus! I somehow never watched that vid even though I love the song - thanks for that! Just made a great start to my day hahaha

  17. Hahah, I loved getting to know you through these random facts, and thanks so much for the award! xxx

  18. @Toya - You can go ahead and say I'm weird. LOL Thanks for the support on McD's coffee, haha! And I'll explain Kazakhstan to you when we meet in November! I do walk and take the public transit all the time so weather in crazy Canada is of the utmost importance! EVERY DAY I'M SHUFFLING. *pretends to shuffle* :D

    @Rocaille - Thank you and I hope you do a post! :)))

  19. Great post! I've seen those fainting goats on TV - what a hysterical choice for a pet - love it!!! I'm a bit weather obsessed too and have to check out the weather website at least once a day :)

  20. Yay, thanks Liz! I'll have to find some time this weekend to do this post. I can't promise it'll be nearly as fun or interesting as yours, but I'll try! :)

    I am totally in love with fainting goats now. SOO FREAKIN'CUTE!!!

    And for coffee, glad to see some Sbux Milds here! Tall mild for me with 3 Splenda and about an inch of cream (don't judge!). love Mickey D's coffee, too! - so easy to drink, absolutely no hint of sourness, and bold enough to get your fix in. Not a fan of Second Cup / Timothy's either and Tim's? That's like water. I did get a Keurig machine for my bday and use it daily now. So many delicious flavors!

    This was such a fun post full of random but very interesting things about you! I loved reading it! :)

  21. Fainting goats FTW!!!!!

    @Vita - It's so important! Probably cuz we don't want the rain messing up our hair and carefully applied makeup. ;)

    @Lindsay - I would NEVER judge anyone for putting in cream! I always say cream is an enhancer and milk is a diluter. It's cream or go black!

  22. Liz you've outdone yourself with this post..from your coffee breakdown to your choice of pets to the random place you've visited. Love it!


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