Monday, November 21, 2011

"But we wantssssssssss iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit": those goddamn EOS Lip Balms

I've committed a serious beauty sin. You know when you buy something, thinking that it'll make a cute gift? And then you start to want it for yourself? Yeah, that. Before you get out the tar and feathers, first hear me out!

I was looking for these EOS lip balms for the longest time. For over a year they remained completely elusive to me -- and believe you me, I am a master shopper. I heard they were at Shoppers Drug Mart but none of the half a dozen locations I visited ever had them in stock. Then finally RW&Company of all places started carrying them, but they were sold out as well. I never saw the balms in person and kept hearing of how cute they were and blahblahblaaaaaaaaaaah babycakes.

So I decided to forget about them. They were just lip balm after all.

THEN I finally saw them in Zellers. Hanging off a forgotten shelf corner near the vitamins were a few packages of the 3-pack. I might have actually made a noise like "Harrrrrrrrrrrumph!" when I saw them. I was determined to shun them.

Then the devil on my left shoulder started to whisper how great they would be as a small add-on in gift bags and such. I do know a middle schooler who might appreciate such a thing. So I bought one pack and came home. And opened it. And fell in love.


Like easter eggs or the cutest manna from the sky. HOW CAN ANYONE RESIST SUCH ADORABLENESS???

Notice how the box says to share the love? Yeah, I'm sharing. Two of the spheres are untouched and will be gifted. But I could not resist opening one up to test for myself.

Naturally, I chose the purple one.

Even the inside is adorable. Just look at it and try to resist.

Honestly, at first, I just looked and tried not to touch it. But it beckoned.

And so I caved. This is how you become a beauty criminal. 

My 99 other lip balms are not enough. I have to possess everything. That is the crazy urge that I try to fight on a daily basis. Yes, I can buy anything. But should I? Not really. I just stole a middle schooler's Christmas present before I could even give it to her. See what happens when you're an insane product junkie?!?

My curiosity regarding the EOS balms are satisfied. But my happiness is tainted. What should I do to atone for this grievious error? I feel like Boromir after he tried to take the ring from Frodo. Death by a thousand orc arrows is literally overkill, but I need to make up for this somehow. Suggestions?


  1. You are officially my favorite person ever because of that final paragraph hahahah!
    These are really cute, I just got an email about them the other day, and was all 'BALL SHAPED LIPBALMS!' And what the middle schooler doesn't know won't hurt her :P

  2. well I am proud you are only keeping one of them. I got one by sheer accident at my rexall cash..I love it. So glad I found it.

  3. LOL at the LOTR reference...your posts always make me laugh, in the best possible way! Are these really that great? Everyone raves about them, but I do not need more lip balm. None. Nada. Eek!

  4. That's all right, Liz, I reckon you deserve a reward for all your reductionista work :) Larie, I caved in and got one (in the coral packaging), used it religiously for about a month, but now it's just hard, waxy, strange smelling and definitely unloved - I'm not completely sold on them.

  5. I feel you. I was just as determined to shun these when a friend asked me to get her one (she lives in Asia where they don't have it). When I finally found these for her (elusive little things!), one more somehow found its way home with me and now lives in my purse. *sigh*

    Um, maybe not Boromir but more like..Bilbo? He had some pretty bad moments, too, but he escaped relatively unscathed. ;)

  6. LOL! The LOTR analogy is hilarious. Trust me, you're not bad at all for getting these lip balms. Once you get to my stage of collecting them all, then you're in trouble. LOL.

  7. This post made me laugh out loud. I was really hoping for a YouTube video of you juggling the ball balms, lol.

    If you celebrate Christmas, I hope your got your gift shopping done already, sistahwoman, or you're in for a world of hurt. I look forward to and dread Xmas shopping all year because I see all those things I had no idea I wanted!!

  8. Guuurl, did you not check London Drugs? That's where I got it from :).

  9. I have no idea about Frodo or such things but I do not judge you for keeping this..or these. Now not to add fuel but I have the lemon and it is delish! Probably not the best lip balm but yada's an egg & it smells like lemons!!

  10. LOL, I totally felt the same way about those EOS balms. They're just so damn cute, I couldn't resist. I was ON THE HUNT. But I couldn't find them ANYWHERE (Shoppers only sells the shaving cream), and then Sydney ( told me that they were available at this little shop downtown, so she offered to pick some up for me. When I got them, I was all, "AHHHH, urge is satisfied." I got the honeydew, summer fruit, and mint. But upon reading this post, I also want the strawberry sorbet and passion fruit! Which Zellers did you go to?! (I saw the other three flavours at Chapters, oddly enough.)

    P.S. LOL @ LOTR reference.

  11. Hahaha Boromir hahaha I was dying laughing at that!!!
    Get her something else small to make up for it!

  12. I commit the same crime...wayyy too often. I get something as a gift but stare at it for too long and end up using it myself. I usually just go back to the store and get a double, it soothes the guilt a little. Lol.

    Btw the LOTR reference is a total win. ;)

  13. The only reason you'd have anything to atone for, my friend, is if the intended recipient happens to be a follower of your blog and now knows about this "indiscretion"!! Seriously, what? giving 2 out of the 3 is a bad thing? I mean, come on: think of it as making sure the gift was worthy and so you NEEDED to test it out first. There! Did I convince you yet? By the way, how are these balms? I came across them (don't even remember where) and literally didn't even glance as I thought that I didn't need another "cute" lip balm...not unless it was a miracle worker (please tell me it isn't, so I don't have to feel like a total doorknob for not having picked them up...) And for the record, loved the LOTR reference (I'm a massive fan!!)

  14. @Makeup Morsels - YAY! And maybe you're right; what she doesn't know won't hurt. Except when she was really little, she once unjustly accused me of giving her a used gift. *twitch*

    @Jill-O - Thanks! lol But right? By accident? They're never freaking around when you need them!

    @Larie - Happy to make you laugh at any time! Nah, they're not that great. I'll talk about it more in my lip balm inventory.

    @Monika - Thank you! That makes me feel better. The balm is kind of hard to begin with but I sort of like that it's not as emollient as other balms. I can't imagine using up all of it though...

    @Carmela - Haha, the purse is a very happy place for so many products! Perhaps Bilbo, yes... if I have this blog until I'm a senior, I'll definitely try to conjure up some Bilbo-esque stories.

    @Kristie - You collect ALL the EOS balms? Wow! That would be a fun collection to see! The archivist/collector side of me has toned down a lot, but I still have to try whatever I've seen around the blogosphere.

    @Zuzu - OH, DON'T YOU TEMPT ME! Maybe I WILL make that video! LOL I've been trying to think of what to get people for Xmas but I think I can just shop in my own room and avoid the malls. I made my last haul of 2011 last week but still keep getting tempted by things!

    @Dani - We don't got no London Drugs here. :(

    @Tracy D - You need to watch LOTR!!! NOW!!!!!!! lol Egg and smells like lemon! Hahaha!

    @Denise - The Zellers is in Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke. The makeup aisles are absolute crap and in utter disarray, but sometimes you can score a really obscure item. And guess what: today I found these balms at Chapters/Indigo. Yeah... that's how things usually work.

    @Tracy - I will have to! She's sharp, this one.

    @Stacey - We might as well just come home with doubles of whatever we pick up! Or... just don't pick up products in the first place. ;)

    @Eugenia - I doubt she knows about this blog but who knows? Good argument on needing to test out the worthiness, though! These balms are kind of hard and not very moisturizing, but I kind of like that it's not greasy or heavy. I'll talk about it more in a lip balm inventory soon-ish. You're definitely NOT missing out.

  15. Hahahaha!!!!!! That has got me laughing so hard. That's so funny. I do the exact same thing, that's why I buy those sort of things in twos. Like if I feel the love coming over me I have one for them and one for me, and guess what I can return it if the love fades before I open the package. This is how I live. I have the fruit punch one, it's an OK balm. It's just funny to have to rub a ball on your lips.

  16. omg <3 the lotr analogy!! lolll and i feel like im abt to commit that sin too xD but with the revlon lip butters >_< well some things are too cute to resist haha

  17. @D - I just... can't. I know it's a good idea and I considered doing that next time but if I got a duplicate of whatever beauty gift I was getting for other people, I'd drown even more in products than I already do! Next time I'll just have to resist. Be a Galadriel and Aragorn instead! :D

    @Isabella - Yeah, those Revlon Lip Butters are like the new EOS balms. They won't come to Canada until Feb so I don't have to stress yet. lol

  18. I know I'm late with my comment, but whatever.
    Uhm... I don't think you have to feel this way. Guilt can be pretty relative thing afterall. Maybe we can call it an accident? You accidentally stumbled upon this box and bought it and then when you got home, you noticed how it was slightly opened, so you wanted to double-check if everything was allright. Just to make sure, of course. And one of the lip balms just fell out and opened and... Well, I don't know about you, but I would feel perfectly justified.
    Now I do feel a bit like Saruman. I am a bad, bad person. Muhahahaha.

    1. Hey, you! Been a while. :)

      Listen, Saruman. I don't quite feel so badly now. I started her off nice and easy with one - if she wants more, all she has to do is ask! I'm glad I kept the purple one because now I know what all the fuss is about and I'll probably never buy another EOS lip balm again. It's cute but not the best. Curiosity satisfied!


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