Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inventory #6.1: Help, I'm turning into a Blush Fiend!

A consultation with notable blush fiend, Tracy of Beauty Reflections, revealed that while I have not quite achieved the Blush Fiend status, I am well on my way. Call me a blush hound -- I adore blushes!

Maybe not quite THIS much...but let's talk again next year.

The thing is, I had 13 blushes last year that I was perfectly happy with. Here's the inventory. The only thing I got rid of is the tiny vial of Benefit Benetint after vowing not to work with liquid blush anymore. Everything else is still here. (Except for Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet which is on loan to my sister until she moves back to the city next year.)

I knew I had at least doubled my stash from last year. After doing the count last night, I discovered that I more than doubled it. 18 new blushes had joined the happy family of 13 from last year. WHAT THE WHAT?!?

Once I came to terms with the fact that I temporarily went insane, it didn't take long to figure out the thought process that led me to this accrual. Here's how I moved closer and closer to the Blush Fiend zone.

Cream Blush

Despite having trouble finishing up the Stila Convertible in Peony and NARS The Multiple in Maui, I developed a lasting love for cream blush that could not be quenched. I tried to appease it with affordable ones such as the Joe Fresh Cheek Tints in Cherry and Peach (reviewed here), GOSH Silky Cream Blusher Stick in Tropical Breeze (reviewed here) and NYC Creme Stick in Mauvin' Uptown (not reviewed). However, once I experienced the wonder of ByTerry Velvet Cream Blush in Peach Nude (reviewed here), I knew that I was not to be dragged back from the Fiendish end of the blush fanatic spectrum. There are many, many undiscovered cream blushes waiting for me to snatch them up and provide a loving home to. I think it's only a matter of time before I adopt them, one by one.

Affordable Powder Blushes

I tried to tell myself that I couldn't possibly need any more blush, but when the blogosphere would not shut up about these Hard Candy "dupes" of Benefit Box-o-Blushes, I had to pick one up during a trip to Wal-mart. Then the Stila Make Me Blush surfaced at the same time as the Physician's Formula Happy Booster blushes and I picked the one that was cheaper which was Stila at the time. Then Marcelle went on sale at Rexall and Blushing Bronze looked like a nice dupe of MAC Equilibrium -- so I convinced myself I had to perform a dupe test. Cargo BeachBlush in Coral Beach (not reviewed) is the result of a swap, and Benefit Coralista (not pictured, not reviewed) is a 500-point reward at Sephora. Surely I had had enough by this point.

The NARS Attack

Oops, Luster (bottom left) isn't new.

The valley of shadow of death of the cosmetics aisles called NARS beckoned with its crooked finger and I willingly became one of its many victims. "Gimme all your money," said the NARS counter, and all I could say in response was, "Okay!" As a result of this robbery, Gilda (reviewed here) came home during the summer and The Danmari Palette (reviewed here) with the sisterhood of Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Desire and Sin joined Gilda and Luster. I don't know what it is. You really don't feel like a fledgling blush fiend until there's a heavy stash of NARS in your collection.

(Side story: When I wore NARS Orgasm for the first time to work, the first comment I received that morning was, "You look well-rested." It was on the tip of my tongue to respond with, "It must be all that Orgasm" -- but my boss was not going to understand it and would have thought I was being very inappropriate.)

The Do-I-Need-It? Stash

You've already heard the story of my hemming and hawing over MAC My Paradise (reviewed here) and MAC Equilibrium (haul post here). Surprisingly, these two are the only MAC blushes I own aside from Blushbaby. Because MAC can overwhelm so often with its dozens of limited edition collections, I am pickier about  MAC than I am about other brands and products. As for Tarte Natural Beauty, it's a part of the red blush strategy discussed at length here. These three are definitely in the indulgence category and have paved the way for...

...The Ultimate Splurge

It's the stunning Chanel Joues Contraste in Rouge, discussed here. It seems appropriate that I crossed my Chanel hurdle for the first time with nail polish (first and greatest indulgence) and then a second time with blush (second greatest indulgence).

So... I have 31 blushes. I'm not even going to bother justifying this. But to ensure I don't completely go off the rails, I'm going to cap myself at 30 from now on. If I want a new blush, something has to go. That means I have one to purge at the moment. I think it's going to be one of the old L'Oreals, which I had meant to get rid of in the first place.

Are you a blush fiend? (If the response to "Happiness is a pretty pan of blush" is a resounding yes, then yeah, you're as hopeless as I am.) Is Tracy turning you into a blush fiend? (We channel her while cosmetic shopping -- you find yourself slipping three or four blushes into your purchase basket in one outing. *salute*) What's a reasonable number for a blush collection, that is if you believe in reason at all???


  1. Mother of pearl, that's a lot of blushes! I wouldn't know what to do with that many :p.

  2. There are a lot of mornings when I don't know what to do myself. :x

  3. My number? Not telling, not yet at least!
    I used to be a sinner though - never wore blush and even called it useless! Now I'm a... #BLUSHFIEND4LIFE :D

  4. Omg, lol, 31! LOL. You ARE turning into Tracy! I swear I don't have that many. But I refuse to count. I like blushes, but I try to buy ones that are very, very different. I guess I need to break out the blush collection, damn you all.

  5. Great blush collection! I go through phases where I buy mostly eyeshadow, and then another month lipsticks, and then all of a sudden I'll be into blush for a while! I got the Danmari palette recently - I couldn't resist the convenience of having all of those shades together in one place!


    Ok, I'm not insane now. I love all your blushes!! But yes, it does get crazy! Blush is one product that takes FOREVER to use up. Which is why I, The Blush Fiend will probably cap my collection in the new year as well. I don't think I can go as low as 30, ahem, but I will do it!
    I might have to go blush crazy shopping in Seattle next week-one last blush-a-palozza!

  7. I love blush too! I don't know how many I have - maybe 12 or so - but it's far too many!

  8. lollol! that first pic was pretty funny haha and if i dont count my mac msfs (which i dont lol) i dont think im a blush fiend lol but i dun plan on checking loll urs is a nice blush stash :D

  9. yes yes yes!!! total blush fiend!!! in the terms of cream blush, by terry will turn anyone!!
    i agree about the NARS if you dont have a semi hefty pile, they u need to add to your collection!!! i have natural beauty by tarte too and i feel the same, do i need this??? i nv counted my blushes - semi scared but i kno i sold some....but i may have bought back more than sold EEK

  10. Liz put down the blush and walk away. You know, I like blush but never to the point of fiendishness. I think it's because I can so easily end up looking like a clown. To the point of where a lady once had to start rubbing my cheeks. Seriously, she's like let me help you out there. I was in my twenties and totally clueless. I thought let's smack that bad boy on, so wrong Danielle so wrong. And you know I still have to rub my cheeks. I think I have a NARS multiple I am trying to work on and get rid off. It's taking too long!!!! I look ridiculous on some days. OK, now, Danielle put down the blush and walk away. :)

  11. @Ashley - I feel like we also need to make mugs and t-shirts for the Blush Fiend Society!

    @Larie - Yes, break it out! I wanna see! You know, I did the math wrong and was like "I have 21 blushes"... then when I realized it was actually 10 more, I was horrified. :O

    @Magpie - It's a pretty sweet deal! I can't resist palettes if they're good. I've been loving the Danmari. There was a bit of a debate as to whether it counted as 1 or 4 blushes and I counted it as 4. lol

    @Tracy - I was just telling Ashley on her last post that foreign shopping doesn't count! The U.S. is foreign, right?!? I'll be very interested to see how you're going to manage your collection. Until then... BLUSH FIENDS UNITE!!! :D

    @appletwo - I swear I felt like you last year but look what happened!

    @Isabella - Now I'm curious about everyone else's blush stash. I know you have that Chanel Tweed. What else?!? TELLLLLL MEEEEEEE~

    @Lillladylife - Ah, another member of the Blush Fiend Society! :D I've thought about blog sales but don't think that I can do it. I love all my blushes! *hugs them tightly*

    @D - *whimpering* Nooooooo... I don't think I can! :( I've certainly had days when I know that the clown cheeks were getting some weird glances, but now I know when to stop. (I think! Gotta be careful with those red ones. And that's why I gave up on liquids like Benetint!!!) There's nothing more magnificent in the makeup world than the perfect diffusing of blush on smooth canvas. I think I'll forever be chasing after this art. Perhaps it's time to invest more in the tools and techniques than products.

  12. Now, you're talking! I have't explored the realm of blushes with Tracy...yet, although I'm sure a lengthy discussion is about to ensue thanks to you & this post, lol! You make me want to take out all my blushes and inventory them...but I'm afraid that that will lead to a highlighter inventory, to a eyeshadow inventory, to a eyeshadow palette inventory, to a mascara inventory to a.....oh hell! Now you've done it! I love the Chanel Rouge blush and stare at it lovingly - it's THAT pretty! As a matter of fact, the entire Les Byzances Collection look like little jewels! I have a love-hate thing with overly beautiful products: I never want to use them for fear of spoiling their pristine looks. Stupid, huh? WHy buy them then? Uh, hello....addiction?! Liz, your collection is stupendous and your idea of culling to make room for new is inspired!

  13. Oh, Eugenia - I would SOOOOO love to see your entire collection! These inventories are indeed quite scary. I was so proud of diminishing my mascara and foundation stash but this was THE year of nail polish, blush and bronzers. It's always a year of something or another! But I'm really not feeling all that guilty about this much blush as I would have with other things. I think it's because I love it so much. I shall gift you with a fellow Blush Fiend t-shirt as well! lol

  14. Not a blush fiend unfortunately :( But if you ask me about my eyeshadow collection...... :)

  15. I have turned into a blush fiend too! I don't even really wear makeup! :( For some reason I've gotten obsessed with finding the perfect matte/glowy/satin (never glitter) peachy-pink blush. Why a summer colour? No clue except I must be going through too many beauty blog archives.

    Thank goodness I only have 1 stand-alone blush (Cargo's Tonga, purchased from a friend of a friend for a really good price), and 4 small blushes from the 2 Josie Maran travel palettes I have.

    And Liz? I have to tell you something. :(
    I violated my P13P yesterday. It was Cyber Monday and I really really wanted to take advantage of Milani's free shipping and 50% off sale... and I really wanted to try the Luminoso blush... so... err... I bought some stuff. It was like a dam broke and then I went ahead and purchased skin care stuff from Paula's choice. :( :( :( I almost did it. I only had 1 more item to go and I have 2 bottles of toner close to being finished.

    Gack. I must start a new P13P and go on a no-buy for makeup and skin care until I am finished another 13 + 1 remaining product from my previous list.

  16. I had a laugh when I was scrolling down the comment form and saw J's blush enthusiasm =P

    I would totally be in this camp of fiends if I were less sensitive to blush (it's one of the great sorrows of my makeup life--- though perhaps it is for the best). All the NARS and Tarte blushes would be mine.... a girl can dream, sigh =)

  17. 31 blushes eh? Which one is your absolute fave - if you could have only ONE which one would it be???

  18. I feel like we are on the same boat Liz! Blush use to never, EVER take up so much space in my makeup drawer, now I can't even fit it all in there! I'm just short of 30, which is probably still too much - hence my blush ban. 30 seems to be a good cap amount, I give you my full support! ;)

  19. It's okay, Liz. To date, I count 62 blushes in my stash (36 of which are from MAC, lol). And this doesn't even include my "beauty powders" like MAC's Marine Life and My Paradise! In answer to "Happiness is a pretty pan of blush" -- YES. In answer to "What's a reasonable number for a blush collection?" THERE IS NO LIMIT.

    Not to mention, Mary picked up THREE of those Tarte Amazonian blushes for me from Vegas, lol. It's a sickness...

  20. @Lyuba - Yes, I ask!! ;) Oh god, I know I went overboard on some shadows as well. Not as bad as blush but I did get a lot more than intended. :/

    @Boo - It's dangerous when you're on the hunt! Sounds like you want a matte version of theBalm's Hot Mama. I can't think of one off the top of my head that fits your criteria. As for your violation of P13P, I ABSOLVE YOU! For one, I only know of one person who finished a P10P successfully (Claire @ eyelining). Two, you finished a P12P and I think that's GREAT! Go ahead and start a new project. I'll be cheering you on! As you can see, I do okay in some areas and VERY badly in some others. We're coming up on a series of bads.

    @Dovey - J is LilLady? Lol... her enthusiasm made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Oh, Dovey, I feel your pain! You can make up for it with lots and lots of eye shadows!

    @Vita - Ahhhhhhhhh, you're making me choose! I've always said NARS The Multiple in Maui, simply because it's the closest match to my natural flush and the creamy smoothness is a DREAM to apply! I'd cry if it got discontinued. And buy 10 more sticks as backups!

    @Stacey - I can only dream of hitting pan some day. :) Amazingly, they all fit in my train case; otherwise I would have noticed I had a problem much earlier on, LOL! We can get through this capped at 30 business together!!

    @Denise - You are a TRUE blush fiend! *bows* Honestly, if I were you, I'd probably own every single MAC blush ever produced. (That's gotta be over a 100 for sure, right?) Yes, beauty powders don't count! They're a category of their own. And... I can only hope that Tarte comes out with more colours. ;)

  21. @D...

    "That's OK Liz, you don't have to give up your little cheek toys. I still love you, hugs!!! Plus I'll even wear the little circles so we can be a matching pair. Maybe it'll take off..."

    I'm still getting used to moderating comments and deleted yours by accident! Luckily I have the original message from the email. Hugs! We can "clown" around NYC together when we meet up, hahaha! I'll even let you play with some of my blush! ;)

  22. Hey Liz! Hahaha your post was wonderful to read :) yup I belong to the too many blushes gang, think I have about...29? :O but I'm still quite a novice in application techniques, like do you put in on the apples, the cheekbones or the hollows of your cheeks? I've come across so many variations but have yet to find one that suites me best (probably not the hollows, that's for contour, which is another story in itself) another problem that dawned upon me is that I love colour and I keep buying blush that are raved as highly pigmented BUT I'm pretty fair! So I need to be sooo careful when I apply the majority of my blushes ;(

    The biggest issue is that I much prefer cream and liquid blush over powder blush, since the latter can be quite chalky! I have this red occ lip Tar (among others) and it's gorgeous on cheeks but so easy to overdo :O and 90% of my blush collection are actually powders that can give a powdery chalky look if its not done well or the base makeup handled well.

  23. Hey, tabby! Thanks! :)

    I think my technique can use a lot of improvement. I play around, though, to see where and how each blush fits best. Some darker colours are good for contouring with and brighter colours look nicer on the apple of the cheek. I think I spread mine out too far in an attempt to diffuse the pigment, which I will have to work on. It's always best when I start out with a tiny spot on the fat part of the cheek and gradually build. Unfortunately I get lazy and impatient and start off with bit blotches and try to go backward quite often.

    With powder blush, I find it works best on a really well-powdered face with a lot of blending and ending by using a clean kabuki brush to even it all out for the most natural finish. I'd say the chalkiness is probably due to too pale of a colour, overloading the brush with blush on not-quite-dry base, or bad quality blush.

  24. Update: I realised this morning that I *did* complete my P13P! I had forgotted to add to my list the expired body lotion + SPF that I had put in recycling.

    Also, I must add that my purchases were 90% well thought out and researched, which abides by one of my purchasing rules:

    a) Milani: I have never seen it in Canada. 3 of the 5 items are things I have heavily researched and have been on my Wish List for at least 6 months. I did indulge in 2 items, but only because everything was 50% off and the shipping (to a US address) was free.

    b)Paula's Choice: Last year I did extensive research to find more locally-available and inexpensive products so I could avoid having to make big purchases from Paula's Choice. (I made big purchases to minimize S&H costs.) This, plus a sudden interest in couponing, led to a ridiculously large accumulation of body/hair/skin products. (Who needs to have 4 bottles of shampoo and 6 bottles of conditioner, no matter if it is a "Paula's Pick", my fiance is not allergic to it [rare], and I can collect Shopper's Optimum Points?!!). I've learned now that I don't need to use coupons to save money. I save far more by not buying stuff in the first place. Anyway, this year I learned that my PC products actually work the best for my skin. I only reordered HG items and things that were on sale.

    Talking about my own P13P is off-topic, but somehow this is a place for me to hold myself accountable for my own "reductionista" goals. I hope you don't mind. I don't have a blog and none of my friends are interested in beauty products.

    I'm on to my next goal: P10P + no-buy (skin care/hair care/makeup) until 10 products are finished. It'll be harder this time because I think I may have found all my expired sunscreens this time around :)

  25. ETA: The PC things I got were HG *and* on sale.

  26. Hmmm.. I think you might have enough now.

    I probably have about 15-20, but the problem is not so much the number, but the fact that at least a dozen of them are pretty much the same colour.

  27. lol you made me check xD and i am officially not a blush fiend LOL however, i am mos definitely a lipstick fiend >_< lets jus say i have more lipsticks than you do blushes >__<

  28. @Boo - Haha, no worries! I'm kind of flattered that you feel comfortable enough to talk about it here. :) I've seen some Milani things at Winners though never anywhere else. I haven't tried Paula'c Choice yet but hear good things. And yeah, I started this blog to talk about one of my greatest indulgences that no one else around me seems to care about anywhere near as much. I'm glad we have these conversations!

    @Dee - Hmmm... I don't know that I do! ;) I began with a lot of similar colours and ended up widening my blush horizon. The next thing I know, I'm ready for blush rehab!

    @Isabella - Ha! Everyone's got something. I'm not huge on lipstick because my lips are so dry, but it is something I want to get into more in the near future. AFTER I finish a gazillion lip glosses. @_@

  29. Does reason really have any place in this discussion? Let's just blame it all on Tracy :)

  30. @Tracy D - Haha, you're right! *blames Tracy some more* :)

    @Cathy - Thanks!

  31. Good thing I don't wear blush hahahah, I feel like my collection would get way out of control.

    The Chanel blush is so gorgeous, and I think 30 is a good cap point for you :) Out of curiosity, is your highlighter stash around the same number?

  32. I actually cried out 'WHOA!' when I read that you added 18 new blushes to your existing 13 hahahah...I had to tell my boyfriend so that he'd realize in some ways I'm tame, considering ;) Truth be told, I'm just majorly jealous! I have a measly 8 blushes and I'm having a hard time justifying any new ones (though I desperately want NARS Sin and a Tarte Amazonian Clay). I was never much into blush until the past year - and I'm sure Tracy is partly to blame on my end, too! LOL And maybe you, a bit - especially now! I feel like I need to catch up. All your blushes look completely own-worthy and I say, wear all 31 with pride :D

  33. @Morsels - Oh no, I was never into highlighters until this year. It did multiply for sure but it's nowhere near the blush count. I think it's going to keep growing though. :x

    @Toya - LOL! Ahhh, now your BF will say, "Do NOT hang out with this crazy chick in Toronto!" Damn, 8 blushes sounds so nice and manageable! You had better enjoy this phase before you cross to the double digits. ;) I'm going to get rid of the two L'Oreals which are quite old and should be tossed anyway. And yes, I MUST enjoy all of them to justify owning so many!!! lol

  34. @Liz : oh no! Not highlighters too!


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