Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, at least I don't have skin cancer.

Sorry for being so serious and glum lately. It's probably not what you signed up for when you decided to follow this beauty addict. I've had some time to think, absorb the shock and deal with the series of events that befell this month. April has a rather shitty forecast but hopefully things will look up in May. All is not lost. And even then, life goes on. What can anyone do but try his/her best? As my good friend D (A Happy Peach) said, this is the kind of moment when something creative sparks. Because, obviously, there comes a time when serving your corporate overlords from 9am-5pm just isn't enough. Now I'm trying to come up with ways to fulfill some of my wasted dreams while doing well enough not just to support me but also anyone else dear to me who will some day need help.

I made a rather large statement the last time when I said that I'd "save" my parents. I've learned in the past couple of weeks that all I needed to do was stand by them and lend support so that they can save themselves. We do our own saving. The last time I tried to "save" them, I fell into the abyss alongside. This time we're all the better for working together.

As for the alarming title of this post, for the past week, I was convinced that on top of all the other crap going on, I probably had skin cancer. There's a growth on my lower right leg that has quadrupled in size since Christmas. I finally went to the dermatologist and he thinks it's a wart that simply has to be removed. He says he can't feel a root so it's only surface, will scar, but probably not damaging healthwise. But this is a guy who kept me waiting one hour past my appointment, didn't bother to introduce himself to me or apologize for the wait, and whose hand shook even while holding a pen, so there is no way in hell he's doing the removal. I'm going to a surgeon for a consultation next week who hopefully will be more professional and trustworthy. Thanks to my Twitter pals who sent all their positive vibes this way. Yay, it's a wart!

Anyway, the past is the past and looking forward is the only choice. I don't have panic attacks anymore and I'm finished beating myself up for what I should have done and shouldn't have done. Thanks again to all who sent me good wishes, vibes, thoughts and prayers. They saw me through many a weak moment and I'm not ashamed to have shared my sorrows with you.

But I'm still having trouble delighting in makeup and beauty products. Like, it literally hurts my heart. So while I take my break from that sort of indulgence, I want to share other things that have kept me distracted or cheered me up.


BURRITOS! I can eat it all day, every day. The warm, toasty weight of it makes me feel good even before I dig into it.

Trying to make the perfect poached egg. Believe it or not, I've never poached an egg in my 34 years of existence until this month. Mine turned out... so-so. I shall tackle the hollandaise sauce next, because I love a good eggs benny.


Frozen kefir with strawberries! If you work in the financial district in downtown Toronto, you must visit deKEFIR and help keep this place alive. Frozen kefir is delicious and the service is awesome.

[pic to be provided - I always forget to snap a shot first]


These are beautiful blogs I like to look at but not comment on. Since I'm feeling so overwhelmed lately, the lack of commitment on my part feels nice.

Color Me Katie

A Cup of Jo

Honestly WTF

Cupcakes and Cashmere



Robb Stark aka the "King of the North" - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a guilty pleasure. It's a fast-paced action-packed fantasy which is exactly my cup of tea. Fantasy isn't complicated as it usually hangs on the balance of good and evil, which tends to be fairly clear cut. I enjoy GoT the show because characters have been given some complexities that are usually denied stock fantasy figures. The show ran an online campaign on YouTube asking which house the viewers pledge their allegiance to, and while I love the Starks (Robb especially), a part of me can't help but feel drawn to the sinister Lannisters. I think most of the actors are doing a phenomenal job, especially the kids that play Joffrey, Arya and Sansa. Also, a part of me was very comforted whenever Bran Stark appeared on screen. [Spoiler alert!] Think my troubles are tough? At least I'm not a crippled seven year-old acting as lord of the manor because my dad was beheaded as a traitor and the rest of my family are at war, lost, tortured and held hostage. [/spoiler] Anyway, why did I highlight Robb Stark? Because I haven't had a TV crush since I was in high school, and rowr -- watching Robb come into his own makes me see hearts! <3 <3 <3

"Dair" - Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair, together at last: an unexpected curve ball in a totally predictable fluff series. It's always fun to see frenemies become genuine friends and watch that transition into something more. It's especially enjoyable when the characters are crazy and the actors pretty. *splashing in the shallow end* I watch the show mostly for the fashion and a distraction to take my mind off of real world issues. If you can accept that things don't really make sense in this show the way it does in reality but that within the show they totally do, GG can be enjoyed. (You can stop judging me now, thanks!)

Timothy Olyphant - Justified

I loved him as Seth Bullock in Deadwood and he's almost the same guy in Justified. Looks calm on the surface but seething with anger on the inside. Hands up if you can identify. Olyphant chose to have them even walk the same gait: a slow leisurely stroll with arms that don't move. (Because when his arm moves, it's to grab his gun and shoot to kill. Hot.) If you haven't watched Deadwood, you need to. It's one of the best shows ever to have been cancelled. I can watch this clip over and over and laugh out loud every single time. Think of it as a historical prelude to Pictionary and Draw Something. Despite the overwhelming amount of cussing, the dialogue in this series is downright Shakespearean at times. Anyway, I'm only three episodes into Justified but love the hell out of it. Here's one reason why: You know when a bad guy is acting uppity but the hero is too "ethical" to beat on the bad guy? Rayland just goes ahead and beats up the annoying idiot and still metes out justice at the end of the day. How do you not love that? Also, as Twitter bud Soha says:

Yeah, the hat action is also pretty hot. Three straight seasons to marathon makes me a very happy TV viewer.


"Gimme Sympathy" by Metric. I'm not a huge Metric fan or anything, but I put this song on repeat sometimes. There's a right mix of edge, gloom and hope to it that appeals to my mood lately. It's kind of a theme song right now.

What are you enjoying lately?

P.S. Blog sale will go live tomorrow morning as planned!


  1. Gah, how did I miss this skin cancer ordeal? Yikes! I'm glad it's nothing serious!

    I don't have much to offer up in the way of awesome TV shows or music or anything, as life has been quite busy over here. I reread the Hobbit, though! Bilbo's such a dear ;)

    Hang in there, Liz! May has to be better. Plus, it's getting warmer and happier outside, too!

    1. You missed it because I didn't talk about it. Until the night before the derm appt when I became a sissy. :x

      It snowed here today. Despite the skin cancer scare, I need some sun desperately.

  2. Yay it's a wart!
    So glad about that good news!
    And, we miss you!

    1. Haha! I miss you guys, too. But all the makeup chatter makes me sad. :(

  3. Hi Liz! I'm so sorry to hear that things are still tough for you, but I think it's a really positive sign that you wanted to write about it here. People who face the music, so to speak, have a much greater chance of emerging on the other side of crises without major harm. I don't know the specifics, but just know that I'm here for you, anytime. Did you happen to get an envelope from me in the mail> I can't remember if you already told me.

    And, HELL YES to Justified, burritos and poached eggs!

    1. Thanks, Carrie. You're such a sweetheart. Getting that from you at the end of last week was such a treat. I need to beef up my perfume knowledge and discuss this concoction with you. :)

      And you have such great taste in TV & food! lol

  4. So good to hear about your wart, lol! To paraphrase Tracy "yay it's a wart"! Good to hear from you and know that the good vibes continue to be showered your way! Missing you, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Eugenia! I sort of lurk on the blogosphere but can't linger too long because all the new stuff makes me feel sad. Hope you understand why I haven't been by to comment... trying to keep the downer stuff to myself for the most part. But May has got to be better than April, right?

  5. OH YAY, I'm so glad it's a wart!

    This post is inspiring me to: 1) eat more burritos, 2) try to make poached eggs, 3) check out Justified, 4) listen to Metric again. I actually love Metric and have for years! Fantasies was one of my favourite albums from 2009... but I may have overplayed it... and so I haven't listened to it for about a year and a half now... :P

    Also, I totally had to skip over the entire Gossip Girl paragraph because I have not watched Season 5 yet and am totally unaware of what happens and I refuse to believe that there is anyone else that is right for Blair but Chuck.

    1. I *think* I like Metric in general but can't really name any of their other songs. There goes my street cred, LOL.

      I was hoping you'd be like, "Aha! I soooooo know what you're talking about!" re: GG but you're a Chair fan! Nooooo! I loove how they got together at first but can't say Chuck is good for Blair.

      Anyway, do check out Justified AND Deadwood. You won't regret it.

  6. Sending good vibes your way! Hope your May is better than your April! All the best xx

  7. I'm so glad it's only a wart but.. BE GONE EVIL WART, BE GONE FROM LIZ'S LEG! How dare the wart scare you like that! Evil, mean thing >:(

    Ahh and now I know who my brunch buddy is going to be if I ever visit Toronto 'cause Liz, I LOVE A GOOD EGGS BENNY TOO! Making them is a whole other story though - those darned eggs always overcook so easily!!

    1. It is mean and evil because it's still GROWING. A part of me is scared that it's not just a wart after all. Going to see that surgeon on Thursday for him to do a biopsy.

      Anyway, you are sooo coming to Toronto some day (or me go to Vancouver) and WE WILL BRUNCH LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS. :DDD

  8. Hey, hopefully it's a good omen and things really aren't as bad as they may seem :) Thinking of you, Vita xo

  9. Really, REALLY relieved to hear you don't have skin cancer. And yeah, good call on choosing a different wart removal person! Don't you worry about being serious and glum, we'll just send lots of extra hugs and happy faces your way.

    Ok, YES, I LOVE ROBB STARK TOO. The other day I was talking to a classmate, and I accidentally said 'brother' in this weird accent. Then I realized it was exactly how Robb Stark says brother ahahah that's how you know you're obsessed! Um yeah, don't remember anything else I was going to say now.

    Right, poached eggs. Need to try that soon!

    1. Thanks, MM!

      Apparently there are quite a few Scottish actors in the cast who try to contain their accents and try to blend in and sound more generic. I think Richard Madden is one of them. (I have a thing for Scots, apparently.) He's so much better looking than Jon Snow but most people are swooning for Emo Snow!

  10. Hi Liz! I'm glad to hear that it's not Cancer and I hope you find a great surgeon! I've had some Dr's like that- kept me waiting, haves me RXs but wouldn't ask me how i was?!

    lately I've been enjoying food too! I can't get enough pizza!

    omg. I love metric and a huge thing for Scots as well! (I met some true-and gorgeous! scots when I lived in LA-swoon:)

    1. Thanks, Yessie! I know, how horrid are their bedside manners, huh? I can't imagine how frustrated you felt. I was in a line behind a bunch of old ladies on canes and wheelchairs, so it didn't feel right to complain when they were all waiting so patiently. :(

      I'm jealous of the Scots you met, lol. When I meet them, I'll probably not understand a word they say!

  11. I am glad there's no skin cancer! I would go into Timothy Olyphant overload, too. We watched all of S1 and can't wait for S2 to start streaming.

    As for photos, they were just beneath the "fold" and I seriously thought at first you were going to show us the pet wart!!

    Anyway, glad to see you posting, and hope things begin looking up very soon. :*

    1. I've watched Olyphant in other roles and never felt a flutter until he started playing cowboy types. Then it was suddenly all "rowr!" :>

      Haha, Zuzu! I thought of showing it but want to wait until I actually know for sure what this stupid thing is. Also, not sure I want to gross you all out.

      Today's better than yesterday and hopefully tomorrow will be good. Thanks for your support!

  12. Huh. I know I left a comment for this post - how did I screw that up? I don't even remember what I said now, and I'm sure I wrote a novel as I always do. Bummer :(

    Quick summary: Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Metric = awesome. All perfect things to cheer you up, Liz!

    1. Awww, I want to read that novel. lol

      You watch GG? That one surprises & delights me. :D


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