My name is Liz, and I'm a Canadian beauty blogger and veteran beauty consumer living in Toronto. I'm always on the lookout for great deals and quality products, so as a result, I cover everything to do with personal grooming and making up, from hair to skin care to colourful makeup.


What began as a personal documentation project to reduce the size of my makeup collection has evolved into a celebration of beauty and passion for discovering quality products. I love experimenting with new products and figuring out how best to make use of every item that comes my way, whether they're drugstore or prestige brands. 

  • All reviews are my honest opinion after personally testing each product for a reasonable duration of time. For example, I use skin care products for a minimum of one month before writing a review. Sometimes I wait to finish the product before doing so and even re-test and amend earlier impressions if opinion changes.
  • Reviews feature products that I have personally purchased, received as gifts or have been provided as press samples. I take many things into account, from ingredients to pricing to availability, not just performance, appearance or perceived hype.
  • Reviews of press samples are always marked clearly at the top of each post. (This is not a legal requirement in Canada as it is in the US, but I do so out of courtesy for readers who care to know.)
  • Affiliate links may be used in blog posts as of November 2014.
  • As of May 2015, I no longer accept press samples for review on the blog. However, samples I have received prior to that date may still be featured in future posts.